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An ecosystem is defined as a relationship between the living community of animals and plants inhabiting in an environment and the non-living organism and environment is everything that constitutes the surrounding and affects the living. Ecosystem management is the incorporation of social, ecological and economic aspect at different levels to maintain diverse environmental process, life forms and human cultures (

The aim of identifying scenery meaning for precise land units cannot be attained by a simple extension of resource stock and thus public planning, participation and policy making should be understood as constituting the negotiation, creation and destruction of meaning as a continuous process that cannot be separated from the hard work to plan natural and cultural importance of ecosystem (

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The major problems of ecosystem management cause significant harm mainly to the poor and need to be addressed to avoid reduction of the long-term benefits obtained from the ecosystem. The problems include the degradation which is as a result of actions taken to raise supply of other services and hence shift cost to future generation, nonlinear changes in the ecosystem and the continuous decrease in the ability of the ecosystem to deliver services (John R. 2012)

Due to the increased demand for human wants the ecosystem has rapidly and extensively changed resulting to substantial net gains in human and environmental development even though the gains have been achieved at a rising cost in the form of degradation of the ecosystem.

In conclusion it is therefore evident that as the demand for human needs increase with the growing population the more the need for environmental and ecosystem management to avoid misuse of resources and hence the need for proper regulations for the environment and the ecosystem.


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