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The population of North Carolina is the tenth highest among states in the US. The growth of it has been increasing highly in the last fifteen years and this process has led to high demand for clean water from state water suppliers. Therefore, the water suppliers have to ensure they cope with the future growing need (NC Rural Center, 2005). Currently North Carolina has plentiful water to supply its population but due to the increasing number of inhabitants it is vital to invest in a viable water supply system. This paper will discuss how to make a viable investment in the water supply system.

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While investing in water supply system, it is important to consider the cost of water shortfalls and other costs related to the satisfying of demand. The salinity of water in North Carolina coast is growing due to increased ground water supply use, thus, it makes the cost of water treatment higher(Polk et al, 2007). The state has to advocate to the decaying infrastructure of water treatment and delivery and the increasing cost of water purification. The needs of the infrastructure represent a key challenge for water supply system.  Therefore, the state has to set aside enough funds to meet all the infrastructure costs (Barry, 2008).

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An effective water supply system should put in place a waste water treatment plant, complying with the state laws, to minimize the cost of waste water management. For example, the city of Cary in North Carolina pumps treated wastewater to homes for domestic use and businesses for both irrigation and cooling.

In conclusion, to invest in a viable water supply system in North Carolina the water suppliers should ensure that they have enough initial capital outlay to meet all financial needs and have a positive environmental image for the public. Thus, the main factor is a consistency of the supply  

of fresh clean water.


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