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Free «Information Management» Essay Sample

Critique the statement "IT management is about management". What does this mean to you?

It management is not about management. In the business arena management means critical understanding of the people in the organization. Management deals with provision of necessary resources needed in generation of profits for business or provision of resources for the running of the business/organization. Management also deals with staffing in an organization. The essence as to why IT management is not about management is that it entails the bridging the gap that exit between business smarts and technological world. Therefore, for an it manager to be able to work in an organization then he/she has to have the basic knowledge of information technology and not management since the area under which he handles his/her job does not intertwine with management concepts or skills. IT management is not about management since it deals with other aspects within an organization like managing of IT related budget, managing the values of information technology, analyzing emerging technology, managing of information security crisis etc (Field, 2002).



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On p. 11, Barton reads a contention that "no other department interacts with as many different parts of the business as IT". What do you think?

This is true because information and data in an organization carries the biggest weight of the business. Information technology plays the role of bring cohesion to the members of an organization and the clients/customers. For departments to be able to work effectively, then the communication between each department should be effective. This effectiveness can be brought by IT management with the organization. The transfer of information from one department to the other depends on IT hence the reason as to why this department interacts with many different parts of the business.

i. What are the primary contributors to the "capability gap" discussed on pp. 12-13?

The primary contributors to the capability gap are education and training. Through gaining the understanding of how an organization runs, the executive should be able to bridge the gap between the technology field and the managerial field. Education will help get the necessary skills and knowledge both management and technological roles in an organization. With proper training of both contributors, then the capability gap can be narrowed paving the way for organizational growth (Nolan, 2001).

ii. What makes the gap so difficult to bridge?

There exist many factors that hinder easy crossing of the bridge ranging from tacit and explicit factors. Among the tacit factors, (economic, social, political and physical) makes it difficult to cross the bridge easily. While, explicit factors such as attainment of knowledge were another side of the coin that made it difficult to cross.

iii. How do tacit and explicit knowledge relate?

Tacit factors are contributing factors in a business that is externally generated, but explicit factors are intended to bring the tacit factors together. Explicit factors are considered to be skills and knowledge.

Consider the discussion on the recent history of the CIO position. Is there any other managerial position that has exhibited this much dynamism?

No. This is because the position of a CIO cuts across all the other professions an organization. A CIO can be able to undertake both the roles of an executive manager and that of IT manager at a go since he/she has experience in all the departments in an organization (Field, 2002).

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What do the IVK Corp. exhibits (1-1 through 1-6) tell you about the current state and recent trends of the company? Given this, what does IVK need from its new CIO?

The current trend of the company was that it was picking from a technological downfall that led to sucking of most CIO’s. It is expected that the new CIO was to bring changes in the organization with respect to Information maneuvering.


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