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The core mission of Accountability Service Division in the United States is to promote high academic achievement for students in public schools and gauging the national standards. The most important thrust to this mission is concerned with the design, valid assessment and a homogenous policy implementation for all.

Each particular state is accountable for low academic performance of their students. It has now become a policy that no state is backing down on the high stakes education policies to ensure schools are accountable for student’s performance. Academic accountability is a subject that is becoming quite hard to ignore. On a regular basis, new and diverse state activities are being introduced to ensure a concrete assessment on standards of education and ensuring the relevant individuals take responsibility on their role.

In addressing the systems of accountability, the courts established the right to set an accountability system that is likely to be of best interests to the state and students. Thus, the court only takes actions to protect these rights, freedoms and privileges that the laws have guaranteed. Accountability system is used to describe different mechanisms that evaluate academic performance of schools and their students.

It has only two basic elements; the academic standards and the standardised test. These two measures assess the individual’s systemic process towards achieving of the set standards. And due to the coming up of the No Child Left Behind Act accountable systems have become an acceptable part of educational landscape. However, the percentage point considered for failure or success is not fair because it cuts along the ethnic and racial divide other than national integration. It is upon the policy makers and the national leaders to streamline this concept and ensure fairness in education and accountability for all stakeholders.


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