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Counselling is not just about the technique, but whenever the audience asks you to talk, you just do that because you have something to offer in the best technique. Ultimately it doesn’t become the substitute for genuineness and honesty but what is done is to encourage a person in expressing what is contained in their minds. One of the technique commonly used is summarising a session in order to mark where you have so far reached. It also helps us find what we have got right and to what extent. Restatement is another useful technique in counselling (Mackintosh, Bowles & Alison. 2010).

Restatement is a technique used in school guidance and counselling to emphasize to clients the importance of a point. It indicates to the students that they might have heard the remark in another context or function, but they have to obtain the required accuracy in their understanding. A restatement is a repeat or rephrasing of the meaning or the content in a client’s statement which typically consist of fewer words but more concrete and clearer than the client’s. a phrase can be tentatively made or be as a direct statement.

Restatement fits within a natural flow of the conversation when used judiciously and allows the counsellor to confirm what the content relates to. However, one reaction that practitioners complain about is the counsellor sounding like a psychologist and thus the use of restatement and paraphrasing is a good control to conversation thus responding to prior content and focusing the student to the subsequent item in the agenda (Hill, 2009).

Open multiple questions are questions that requires a client to clarify and explore their thought and feelings in a more profound manner than a single open question. The user of multiple open questions does not only request for specific information and also do not limit the nature of their response to a YES and NO response. The intentions of the open multiple questions are to focus, clarify, and encourage maladaptive conditions in order to identify the intensity of the feeling of the respondents.


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