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Free «Support Options» Essay Sample

1. Research the different types of support options that are typically available (listed above).

Searchable knowledge bases

This can be considered as a support option that helps most of the user to type the word that they need to find/get in the system. The option runs through the databases and searches for the word(s) and displays the meaning and the location of the search in the system. In addition, other searchable bases are able to advise the client of different sample or synonyms of the search.

Technical support phone numbers and email addresses (Atkin, 2008).

This option is designed for contact support from the customer care staff in the company of choice. The email and phone number in the system provide the user a direct contact with the staff hence able to solve the problem directly or offer assistance directly.

Online chat

This is an option that allows the user to communicate directly to the support staff from the manufacturer’s website. The user types the issue and the support staffs will responds (Atkin, 2008).



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This support options are commonly used in most manufacturer’s websites. The option contains several commonly used questions that users frequently ask. The question goes hand in hand with the answer that guides the users.

User discussion groups

These are groups of users who help each other with advises and solve each other problems when available.

2. Select one operating system and go to the manufacturer’s Web site. Which of the support options listed in the previous paragraph are available? 

When using Linux operating system all the above support options are available. FAQ is extensively featured to allow easy access of the company’s information and data. Online chat supports things such as uploading and downloading options. The other support options also have advanced tools that increase effective user orientation.

3. Select one support option. How it is used? What type of information can be obtained?

FAQ. This option is composed of questions that are frequently asked my users or clients. The company summarizes the questions and provides the answers to the questions. When the user clicks the FAQ icon in the website it directs him/her to the questions and answers.

4. Which support option would you prefer if you encountered a problem with your operating system? Why?

The best option among the support options is the online chat since it's offers direct assistance to the client/user at no cost. At most, the support staffs are able to offer the service 24 hours a day hence convenient.


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