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Free «Developing Reading Versatility» Essay Sample

Writing is one of the most exciting activities that students can do, but not many of them know how to go about it. The lack of writing skills and poor understanding has made many students lose interest in the English subject (Graham & Perin 2007). Although, it is easy, many students do not know how to manage high grades in this subject. In this regard, this paper will look into the cause of poor writing in schools. The discussion will also highlight ways which will enhance better writing skills and improve class performance. Once the students improve their grades in school, they can be sure to graduate together with their peers.

Writing is one of the best ways to communicate to another person. However, most students do not have the right skills. Expressing ones thoughts can be extremely challenging, and a person may be unable to make the other parties understand his or her intentions. The rise of such occurrences has resulted to more emphasis being put on reading and writing. I believe for every fruit, there is a root. Therefore, students should focus in order to develop their writing skills. That is every student has the capability of having becoming the best academic writer as long as he or she puts more effort in enhancing the writing skills.



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The first aspect to consider in writing is prewriting. Pre writing is the organization of thoughts and the deeper understanding of the topic at hand. It is of considerable importance when one follows the laid out patterns when writing (Diamond & Dutwin 2005). For instance, if a person is writing a poem, he or she should follow the pattern, arranging the work in stanzas. The person should have words that rhyme. To impact the writing skill to students, one needs to create a supportive atmosphere that encourages the students with difficulties in comprehending the writing skills. In the long run, the students will be enthusiastic to finish school and graduate successfully.

The environment in which writing is done matters a lot, and it influences the students either positively or negatively. The teachers should ensure that the students have ample time to go through an article. This will ensure that the students understand what is in the article. According to Longman, it is essential to put students in groups and allow them to read each other’s’ passage aloud. This way, their mistakes will be clearer to them as opposed to the red marking done by the teacher. Such tactics enhances the student’s active listening, questions, and encouragements which boost their learning (Graham 2008).

As much as group discussions are beneficial, they should be monitored to ensure that these discussions are productive (Nadell 2010). The teacher should attend to every student individually apart from the informal in-class consultations. The teaching and writing environment should provide students with options, which encourage them to take responsibility in handling their education effectively. A student with a developed decision-making mind experiences an additional sense of motivation.

Every student is different and has different difficulties in different areas, in any given subject. Therefore, the teacher should endeavor to see the student working harder so as to improve in the weak areas. For instance, some students tend to understand better when pictures are presented to them other than words. This helps the student visualize on the flow of an essay and a better understanding of the same (Adams 2007). Real-world relations to learning have to be availed to the students, to enhance better understanding. This makes learning more meaningful and enjoyable rather that an obligation. The student can also take an initiative to enhance his or her writing, by writing notes and short messages (Nandi 2009).

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Grading is one of the most crucial parts of an examination or an interview. Assessment is an effective way of motivating students to perform better. To help such students, we can apply portfolios for assessment purposes. Tangible incentives ought to be given to students who obtain excellent grades. Such incentives may include prizes, certificates and cash, which offer extrinsic inspiration for students. Students who perform poorly should be guided on ways of improving their grades (Adams 2007). This ensures that the students have understood the concepts and that he or she can come up with better essays.

The beginning of an essay is entirely noteworthy as its conclusion. We should be able to end an essay in a better manner since it reflects on the general theme of the whole essay. The conclusion brings out the essence of the subject at hand. References should also be put so as to ensure that a comparison of ideas was done and at the same time provide an ease when reviewing.

In conclusion, acquisition of writing skills is essential in the education sector. Therefore, students should strive to comprehend the proper writing skills. The more writing a student participates in, the better he or she becomes skillful in English. Students ought to read books and articles in order to be informed on how to improve their writing skills. Through writing, a person should communicate to the reader effectively in a clear language (Appleman 2008). In the end, students will be in a position, to express their thought well and suggest solutions to today’s matters.


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