Free «Sustainable Tourism in Nigeria» Essay Sample

Tourism in itself is a very exciting phenomenon. However, not every product of tourism is sustainable. Some products of tourism have dangerous and adverse effects on the environment naturally. The process of achieving tourism goals and coming up with the same tourism products may for instance need the falling down of trees. Additionally, achieving the objective of tourism might require the alteration of the natural terrain which is an impediment of the ultimate goal of sustainability. Sustainability in tourism can be defined as the process and procedures through which natural resources are used and enjoyed without endangering the present opportunities for the generation in future (Cooper, 2005). Sustainability makes sure that these natural resources are available for use in the future. In Nigeria, the sector of tourism is mostly under-utilized despite having the great diversity of individualities and rich culture. Thus, this essay seeks to support the idea that sustainability in the tourism industry can be achieved by ploughing a good percentage of the tourism proceeds back into the development of tourism services and products.

Most of the resources in Nigeria and the rich culture have not been put to good use. For instance, the hilly terrain, the hill tops and mountains of Abuja and many others form part of these natural resources. Resources that facilitate the tourism industry need proper management and control. There is a lot that needs to be done in matters of infrastructure through the federal government so as to inculcate and enhance the culture of relaxation. Every individual has the responsibility of preserving and protecting these resources. However, this requires a concerted effort by the governing tourist board to enhance unity and oneness in purpose if sustainability is to be achieved (Afro News, 2007). There needs to be a lot of corporation from the societal members on the roles to be played to safeguard the resources that facilitate tourism in Nigeria. Taking care of the natural resources in Nigeria must include prudent efforts that promote the co-existence of nature and the human beings.

The greatest challenges have been: ensuring that there is no conflict between human beings and the natural wildlife; and the utilization of the proceeds that have been attained in the tourism sector to propel the same activities. The sustenance of tourism is a very sensitive matter to be left in the hands of few people and authorities. The development of tourism as well as other physical developments must be fully integrated in a harmonious way within the Natural surrounding (Archibong, 2004). The tourism sector is a very important sector to the economy of Nigeria. Like in any other business, a fraction of the benefits that have been realized in tourism must be used effectively to promote the well being of the industry in future. The efficient and effective stimulation of investment towards the development of tourism clusters would require reforms in the process of funding small and medium enterprises. These funding schemes seem to be too complex for the small and medium enterprises which apparently are a major boost to the development of tourism industry (Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2006).

In summary, there is a lot of communication needed that highlights the importance of increasing funding in tourism clusters. All activities that are affiliated to tourism need a major financial boost. The funds that are realized in tourism are huge enough to promote better tourism picture in the future. The sustainability of tourism in Nigeria will need proper financial management and funding of the infrastructural tourism facilities. The excessive use of tourism profits and benefits on other sectors other than tourism affects the development of the industry. The tourism resources will get depleted from time to time due to lack of proper management procedures and the re-investment that is needed to preserve these resources in future. Well funded systems of infrastructure will be useful in sustaining tourism in Nigeria.


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