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Community represents common ownership or a group of nations/organizations with common interests. Governments have been providing classy military housing (Ender, 2002). These housing units hold a community with common interests.  Communities comprise people of different age groups. This means that people identify with their cohorts who have similar characteristics and interests.

Craig community is composed of people from different denomination, races, believes and faiths. This set of composure is very vital because people experience cultural diversity (Ender, 2002). Children from different backgrounds find their way to the same school and interact. In the process of middling, people realize that God created humans in unique nature. The children grow up, intermarry and raise happy families.

The major challenge with the military community is that people keep on moving from one region to other often involving long distances. The soldiers are always stressed with the dangerous lifestyle of war related circumstances (Stanford University, 2011). The strictness surrounding the community makes the lifestyle limited to the outside world. Soldiers gather in off duty hours to their communities.

The children of soldiers migrate in all over the world as they follow their parents. This has the opportunity of interacting with different environments and languages. The internet has enabled the soldiers in combat zones to communicate with their families creating stress as news gets home immediately. Deployment has brought many marital stress, isolation, anger and loneliness (Stanford University, 2011).

The children in the Craig community grow up knowing the basics of the battle. When children are playing around, the common game involves the gun battle. Children ran all over holding items as guns and create a virtual battle field. This prepares them psychologically to join military. It is interesting seeing the creativity is being exposed in the gaming. It does not matter on the origin of the people. The desired states bring out the difference. This been emphasized a lot in the Craig community. This is because the present builds the future (Stanford University, 2011).

The choice of the Craig community is based on the military background. People qualify to join the military from different areas of the country and all walks of life. The driving force of the people is one, to provide security to the country. Craig community is composed of a mixture of cultures. People find learning from each other in play. This has built the Craig community as one of the strongest in terms of family tie.

The choice of Craig community is based on the openness of the people (Ender, 2002). People in the military are taught to honor the juniors and seniors. A culture of mutual trust has been cultivated in the Craig community making it very easy to study and come up with conclusive results. Patriotism has also been cultivated in the minds of the military men and women. The people loves and will defend the country whatsoever. Military is a defense system.

The experiences, backgrounds and knowledge affecting my choice off Craig community are numerous. My experiences with military communities entail that the people in that field are ready to defend their country. In the same way, the same principle guides their community. Craig community has the best security. Craig community has seen the small boys playing with toys resembling the tankers and burrows. The sense of protecting ones territory is engraved in the children’s minds from the word go. This develops a strong career (Stanford University, 2011).

Craig community is different from any other community. The major outstanding element is the rich cultural differences. The second major lives in the view that most of people have the career of protecting their nation. Craig community has a patriotic driving force. The referees are honored and respected for their services in the military community. Craig community has been involved in the community service. This is giving back to the community.

The similarity with other communities reflects in the nature of people having to stay together. Military people stay together and exchange ideas and growth opportunities. Changes have been evident in the Craig community. New ideas are taking over old ideas. This forced the people in the Craig community develop a culture of learning. It is though learning that we can attain new heights. Arrogance and ignorance drives people into a world of irrelevancy. Craig community has of recent participated in the recreational activities.

Craig community has shaped the lives of many individuals. The community forums tackle issues professionally. The education system in the Craig community has enlightened many people. The community has shaped the people in various ways (Ender, 2002). Some people have become business men and women with the need of supplies and delivery of social amenities.  Craig community has shaped the lives many persons especially in leadership.


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