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Food is an integral part of our everyday lives and eating a vital every day practice. Our society has shied away from traditional food making and has adapted the fast food culture which is highly detrimental to their health and those of the children. The art of food making whether at home or in a restaurant is easy to learn and execute to create delicious food items for the self, family or customers. Health conscious people can still enjoy delicious meals and still keep the calorie levels down as demonstrated by the spiced chicken balti. This is because good food does not have to be unhealthy and depends on the skills of the cook.

Spiced chicken balti is an easy meal to prepare and the ingredients required are easily available in the local groceries. The ingredients include curry sauce, skinless chicken breasts, onions, sunflower oil, balti curry paste, quinoa, tomatoes, roasted cashews and coriander leaves. Like most foods, begin by heating the oil and fry the cut onions until they turn brown and soft. Introduce the chicken, fry it for a while and then add all the other ingredients excluding the cashew for at least 25 minutes. Add the cashews into the broth together with some coriander, stir generously then remove from the stove. The chicken can then be served with several other dishes including rice or pasta. It should be served immediately from the stove when it’s still hot and its flavour is well pronounced.

Cooking is a three step process which begins with getting the right ingredients, preparing the food and serving the food to the targeted recipients. Spiced chicken balti is a delicious meal which can be enjoyed by all kinds of people including health conscious citizens.


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