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Pop culture defines the activities and interests that are shared by a group of people. Individuals enjoy various items from the pop culture during their free time, some of which includes animated movies, games, TV shows, songs, as well as Comic Strips. Pop culture facilitates the connection between individuals. To illustrate the pop culture, I have selected A Hard Day's Night as an exemplification (Leonard, 2000). The film has a timeless sound and audio recording as well as an extraordinary charisma. A Hard Day's Night is a film that facilitates the connection between the past and the future as it captures the moment that the world had been undergoing a dramatic change. A Hard Day's Night was, in a way, a catalyst for that change. The film’s release in the year 2000 advanced the relationship between the media and the fans in a manner that empowered the viewers to be agents of change for, at least, half a decade. As the media opts to capitalize on the youth, A Hard Day's Night acted as empowerment for that generation of viewers.

Youth empowerment is illustrated when George is casted as the teenagers’ spokesperson as he enters an advertisement agency. The triangular relationship between the Beatles, media, and the fans surfaced in 1964 (Leonard, 2000). Most of the original fans argued that they loved the initial broadcasts which in effect made the songs in A Hard Day's Night to occupy the top five slots of the popular hits for quite some time. The Beatles became common cultural references, and they dominated various topics of discussion between audiences in all age groups. The release, therefore, rippled through the western culture. Opinions were raised in every social setting including the children playgrounds, work places, and recording rooms. By the time the Beatles left America in February of 1964, there was an unprecedented popularity. The timing of the film was critical in establishing its influence. The Beatles appearance, particularly their hair, proved more controversial than their music. Some audiences argued that they could be easily confused for girls. The shaking of their heads as they sung phrases like the “yeah, yeah” became their trademark. The comedic routines, dialogues, and their hair drew attention as they violated gender rules. As the film progresses, the Beatles are seen combing the hair and applying make-up, rituals which are traditionally performed by women (Leonard, 2000). The film incorporates playful tactics to gender as it invites the audience to participate in the play. A Hard Day's Night brought immense cultural influence in an enjoyable way. The film remains to be a noticeable reference in culture as it aids the connection between an individual and those around him.


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