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Without doubt, telepathy gift gives an individual the ability to read other people’s thoughts. Individuals who use telepathy gift use a sense beyond the senses of hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell when transferring information centered on thoughts of other people. Telepathy considerably involves the communication at an extended level rather than the normal use of verbal and written communication this is unique as it is through sending and receiving thoughts. Nonetheless, the transfer of thoughts in telepathy is through physical, mental or emotional energies or through combinations of these energies without physical contact among the living beings. In my opinion, if I had the gift of telepathy, I would use it as it possesses becomes a level of critically thinking based on thoughts. This is because as a result, of using the therapy gift world of truth would advance, people would hide some thoughts, discrimination would cease, and life would be harmonious without conflict.

Through the existence, of telepathy gift use individuals will become cautious to speak the truth. In the long run, the levels of cheating will decline with time. This is because the individuals who wish to always lies will fear to do so as they would not wish to be exposed by people with telepathy power. For fear of being read through their thoughts blankly individuals will always tend towards speaking the truth for fear of thought's exposure. This is a positive impact in changing the culture of today’s world where close to everybody alive lies whenever faced with one situation or another. As there are currently no controls on the levels of the individual's cheating levels, telepathy powers will play a prominent role in subjecting each individual to speak the truth based on their thoughts.

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As a human being, there is the lack of control of the thoughts revelation. However, with the use of telepathy powers, people become cautious and hide their thoughts from letting it out for fear of judgments. Majority of the people would wish that no one knows their deepest hidden thoughts that could mainly involve some secrets. As a gradual process, of adapting to telepathy powers that can give a revelation to their thoughts that could expose and present a negative portrait of their feelings. This would make individuals hide a given level of their beliefs in order not to expose them as it would open up their true portrait.

Through the use of therapeutic powers, discrimination rates would eventually cease. As discrimination centered on races, cultures, and nations would slowly but surely decline as telepathy power offers an ordinary cross-psychological experience. This is because the therapeutic power engages individuals in a mental assessment to know what exactly the point of view of individuals in relation to given discriminatory issues clearly indicated in their thoughts. These thoughts obviously stand in the brains of individuals as they calculate the next step they take when perceiving various individuals from diverse grounds with distinctive cultural practices and origin. As a result, of being conscious based on thoughts of several people on their various ethnic backgrounds the level of discrimination will reduce among individuals.

Telepathy power use would result to lives that would be harmonious without conflict. Many cases of disputes, quarreling or fighting arise through the differing point of view of individuals based on issues that relate to themselves or others. Through the use, of telepathy power individuals will be fundamentally distant themselves from the evil thoughts they could have of others for fear of revelation. As a result, of evasion from conflicting thoughts of others, the circumstances that leads to disputes, quarreling and fighting cease to arise.

Certainly, the uses of telepathic powers in the analysis of thoughts assist in stipulating people’s level of thinking of different situations that they face in life. As everybody wishes to have a peaceful environment to live in away from disputes, quarreling and fighting, with no discrimination based on any grounds life would become even and tranquil.


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