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Free «Digital Capitalism and Development» Essay Sample

There exists a minimal boundary between ICT for Development and ICT marketing. Though this is the case, ICT4D has its own fundamentals but is also partly involved in the boosterism of ICT which is a major wave in most of the capital accumulation. As a strategic idea in ICT expansion, ICT4D is in itself considered digital capitalism that is aimed at the elevation of the middle class, improve education levels and boost cheap labor. Despite these, stiff and difficult regulatory environment hampers a majority who fall on these categories. The function of digital capitalism is to promote market expansion in a bid to convert unused capacity into business oriented assets. This is done on grounds that technology is the way forward and the only hope to the ever changing world.

Development wise, ICT4D is situated on level basis. Technology reflects knowledge and capacity. This in turn focuses on capabilities approach to development which is mainly an integral part of human development approach. This is hindered as most of the technology based developments are sponsored by NGOs which creates dilemmas. This is with the sense that development projects tend to fall off along the way with inabilities to sustain themselves as soon as the funding seizes or runs out. The involvement of ICT4D in ICT has greatly been beneficial as changes have taken effect in the industrial sectors. These developments have brought about structural changes and the roll back of developmental state in favor of market expansion. Information technology, like any other technological issue; are capable to bring benefit to all. This hindrance occurs when political issues are involved in the development, deployment and diffusion into the markets. This issues require reforms so that the can be fully exploited in a bid to get them be of valuable importance to the world at large.


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