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Free «Student Diversity and Classroom Management» Essay Sample

Classroom management is a term that involves the issues of supervision of students in a classroom, overseeing them, facilitating them and even going to an extend of being subject to what the students do by offering rewards or punishments. Student behaviors and personalities are still in the verge of growing and a good result of management can yield a good result. It is therefore the teacher’s role to administer management of the classroom for the betterment of the learning and teaching that is taking place (Cangelosi, 2007). Lack of proper management can result to drama and unexpected behaviors in the classroom.

Classroom management strategies refer to the plans, procedures and processes that are laid down to ensure that teaching and learning takes place in a classroom without any interference by the students or any other external thing. The strategies are meant to uplift the quality of learning that take place and also to curb the indiscipline and negative attitude among students. They also concern the issue of students being encouraged in their learning processes. There are a number of strategies involved.



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Management of the classroom is one of the strategies that are involved. The room should be convenient and effective to a learning process. It should be clean, fresh and well aerated, spacious, well lit and if possible be well decorated. The materials that are to be used in learning should be available, as books and pens (Cangelosi, 2007). The students should be arranged in a seating arrangement that enables them to have a good view of the teacher and other learning facilities. There should be a free accessibility of the students and the teacher to reach one another. Moreover, the teacher should be in a position to take sight of all the students so as to be able to ascertain of their work and character in the classroom. This aspect of classroom management enables the students to develop the virtue of being alert and neat in the classroom. Also, it improves the student’s presentabilityt in their work. Besides this, students are made to reflect their thoughts to the aspect of being organized in the class, and this boosts their academic performance in one way or the other.

Setting goals and objectives is another strategy that can be involved in the classroom learning. This involves having the students set what they wish to achieve with time in their continued hard work. The teacher should guide the students to set goals according to their abilities in their previous performances. The students should be made to know them time after time. Apart from setting the goals and objectives, the students should be guided to achieve those goals without failure (Burden, 2000). The teacher should be in a position to set goals and objectives in the teaching of the students.

Goals and objectives enable the students and the teacher to aim higher always in their pursuit for success. The goals on the other hand should be achievable and reasonable to the students. They should be within the students` abilities. The teacher should be able to have the teaching plan in order to manage time of the lessons and include the student’s attendance. This aspect of having goals enables the students to develop the habit of having a plan of action in whatever they do in their lives. It enables them to have their thoughts inclined to big things hence will develop the habit of thinking big and aiming to achieve their dreams of life.

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There should be the strategy to govern the student’s behavior. This involves enabling the students to develop skills that minimize misbehavior, get rid of disruptive behavior and escalation. This enables the teacher to have the student’s behavior under control hence be able to administer punishments as the assertive discipline. Proper behavior among students eases the observance of the school rules and regulations hence foster quality performance among students (Corrie, 1998). This strategy enables students to grow as responsible citizens who are law abiding. It also makes them develop the habit of having to think before they act, hence be able to analyze issues critically before they act as discipline awaits them.

Another strategy is the regular assessment of the academic work by the teacher. The tradition of good performance among all the students should be developed to guide the students. The teacher should give out general instructions free of doubt or favor. The set terms of academic performance should be made clear to the students. They should depict sequential and non-interrupted performance as they are accountable for them. Academic excellence should be the focus. This strategy makes students be focused in life. It also makes them have clear thought of rising performance in order to avoid burning out.

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The students should be made to have an understanding of themselves as they are and what they can do and not do in their lives. It is with the intrinsic satisfaction of the individual student that success is depicted. Students should be able to know that there is a relation between what they do and the results that they get. They should be made to avoid punishments at all costs, and if involved, they should understand what led to it. They should be made to know that if they decide by their own to act smart always, misbehavior is less likely to develop in them. In this sense, students will be able to develop the habit of being responsible in their life and be cautious in their adventures. It also enables them to have a critical thought of their intentions and consequences (Corrie, 1998).

In conclusion, classroom management strategies are mainly designed to foster quality performance among the students and the teacher. They are the plans of action for success. They mainly deal with regulating and putting the students in a position that will enable them attain to their best. To the teacher, the strategies enable him/her offer quality teaching in a more convenient and efficient way to the students. These strategies are long term and are likely to induce virtues to the students.


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