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Throughout history, families have passed on their values to their coming generations through various means. The society has therefore been able to pass on various set principles and values to their future generations through customs, traditions and rituals that are believed to mould them in such a way that they are able to view their lives and even shape their opinions concerning life. The cumulative effect of various life experiences gives out a picture through which an individual is able to observe what goes around them.

There are so many traditions and customs that are rooted in the cultures of my ancestors. These include traditions and customs from those who were either Native forefathers or those who came and settled in my country later on. Very often an object or symbol that was considered or perceived as valuable to the family or society became a custom. And all the family values became reflected into the customs and traditions practiced and even maintained at now.

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My society have a belief that great nations survive on their will of its people. Various practices are therefore still maintained by the current generation. We have, for example, the family tradition where we have the common marriage laws (Super, 1992). Couples date, this being accepted as an engagement practice until marriage is conducted and finalized by a honeymoon. We still hold wedding anniversaries after every year where gifts are exchanged among the couples. This a common tradition passed on from generation to generation.

 It has also become and is still our custom to give out flowers that are fresh as a gift to our colleagues of the opposite sex on most occasions. These include occasions such as sickness and death. The gift of fresh flowers is customary to festivals like weddings, holidays as well as anniversaries. This is meant to show affection to loved ones. We still keep the family recipe box where favorite family recipes are kept as well as the display of the yellow ribbon as a sign of loyalty to family members, friends or loved ones. The yellow ribbon was however customarily used to welcome men and women in homes especially those who have been away for along period of time under difficulties such as war. The tradition of putting a candle on the window can also be traced back to the colonial area. We still practice it throughout the year and it symbolizes some loyalty amongst family members and loved ones not presently at home. Family togetherness is still portrayed. My  family is still practicing the custom of sharing meals together. We still have a belief that the family is then only way to get us together after a heavy days’ schedule. This provides a forum where various values are passed on to every member hence adored as a custom.


The familial practices are paying a crucial role and their preservation through generational passage is crucial. This is enabling us to inherit certain values crucial to molding us into important members of the American society. They are shaping our value opinions as far as our daily lives are concerned. We are thus imprinted positively by the beliefs and customs of our families. People have passed along their wisdom and knowledge and build on the past and moved on into the future through these. We are therefore able to make sense of our early ancestors’ lives and families at now getting essential clues about the values, behaviors and attitudes we are embracing and living by.


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