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The Russian Federation refers to an independent republic of the Soviet Union that ended in 1991 (Orttung, 2000). Therefore, the Russian Federation came into being in 1991 as an independent country when the Soviet Union ended. This republic is in the northern Asia and northeastern Europe. The Russian Federation is larger than any other country in the world because it covers about seventeen million square kilometers on Earth. This country borders many countries, including Korea, Ukraine, China, Korea DPR, Mongolia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Finland, among other countries, which are fourteen in total (Orttung, 2000). This discussion will consider how the size of the Russian Federation has both helped and hindered the independent republic, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of Russia’s location.

It has been evident that the enormous size of Russian Federation allows the republic to contain diverse terrain with vast plains, many mountain ranges, and forests (Harrison, 1998). Exploitation of natural resources allows the Russian Federation to generate enough income. Examples of the natural features in the Russian Federation include Ural Mountains, Caucasus Mountains, Virgin Komi Forests, Caspian plain, and Siberian plain, among other natural features, which attract tourists from all over the world. On the other hand, the Russian Federation suffers from environmental degradation because it contains a variety of human activities, including agriculture, mining, nuclear practices, inefficient lumbering techniques, just to mention a few (Harrison, 1998). The Russian winters have been extremely harsh, thereby crippling both equipments and personnel of ill-prepared encroachers, hindering their combat preparedness. The Russian Federation has a bitter climate because to its location in the Arctic region (Orttung, 2000). This climate fails to favor agricultural activities in many regions to the north of Russia.

In conclusion, it is evident that the Russian Federation experiences both benefits and hindrances due to its enormous size and location. The Russian Federation has many resources because of its enormous size. The location of Russia to the Arctic region hinders the activities of ill-prepared invaders (Harrison, 1998). However, the exploitation of resources leads to the degradation of Russia’s natural environment. Harsh winters do not favor agricultural activities at various regions in Russia.


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