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Second language learning refers to the process through which a person learns subsequent languages after acquiring the vocabulary for the first language successfully (Cooper, 2010). This process has a close association with education, psychology, and cognitive psychology. Therefore, scholars use different words, such as research for second-language acquisition, studies for second language acquisition, and second language studies when referring to second language learning. Action research is an appropriate method that teachers should use to determine a suitable strategy for learning a second language (Mackey & Gass, 2011). Strategies for effective second language learning include student engagement, cooperative learning, graphic organizers, questioning among others (Cooper, 2010). This discussion will consider cooperative learning as one of the appropriate strategy that students use to learn a second language.

Cooperative learning refers to a strategy of studing a second language in which students work in groups (Cooper, 2010). These groups allow students to feel less anxiously and more comfortably during their learning. Students can deal with the second language during the work in groups without any fear. Therefore, students can speak at a greater length and frequently, using various structures. Studies show that cooperative learning allows students to discuss a variety of subjects with peers, enabling them to acquire sufficient academic information (Cooper, 2010). The result of cooperative learning is redundant communication because each student uses various phrases. Redundant communication enhances long-term acquisition of the second languages’ vocabulary (Cooper, 2010). It may take a long time for learning a second language when they do not listen to vocabulary regularly.

In conclusion, teachers should determine appropriate second language learning strategies for students to master the vocabulary easily. Action research method is a suitable method that teachers use to study and identify the most appropriate strategies (Mackey & Gass, 2011). Cooperative learning is the most appropriate strategy that students use to master the vocabulary of the second language (Cooper, 2010). This ensures that students store the vocabulary in the long-term memory because of its maximum practical application.


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