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Leather jackets have become the latest fashion trend, which means adequate forecasting needs to be carried out regarding the most favorable colors and fabric for these new trends. This will guarantee the continuation of the existing fashion trend through diversification of the fashion commodity. The preferred colors for the fashion are ox-blood and black with the fabric under consideration being cowhide and sheepskin. The colors and fabrics are chosen on various grounds or basis.

Ox-blood is being viewed as the new black with regard to the female gender. According to research, ox-blood is reflected on as the latest, cool red instead of just red. Ox-blood presents a representational fashion’s returning nature. Ox-blood is considered a color meant for the moment and portrays evolution from the other types of red. Ox-blood is currently considered the most recent color trend that is shaping the fashion sector. The color has found considerable utilization in the industry with numerous applications in jackets, handbags and other attires thus offering a match for different attires.   This is what makes the color most conspicuous and fashionable. The black color is the other consideration for the leather jackets with the main reason being that black matches better with other colors. Although black color has been present and used in fashion for long periods, it remains the most worn color in the fashion world.

Cowhide is the most preferred fabric for the fashionable leather jackets due to various reasons. Cowhide is widely available, cost-effective when looking at the economic perspective; cowhide is durable, tough and resistant to water and filth. Cowhide provides adequate protection, offers the casual appeal and acquires a versatile lusterless finish. Sheepskin fabric is essential in imparting luxurious linings and trims to the leather jackets. The linings and the trims provide additional warmth during cold seasons. Sheepskin provides impeccable quality and touches on the leather jackets.



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