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Many people these days are a disgrace as they are disrespecting themselves and the national identity. Most of them have had the influence of globalization and the modern technology. The reflection of this is the way most of them dress and behave, and this is especially in the public. Other people have been finding themselves affected by the fashions of Hollywood and the action movies as they try to reproduce some of the dress styles or behavior, and this is by paying little concentration to their unique traditions and morals. Most of these people believe they are preserving up with their versions when they dress in awkward and strange manner, in which case it does not reach the normal standards, especially in the emirate society. They do not use the national dress, goes to the extent of not using the national dress in the public place or even while approaching the government and the private institution for any official works. Therefore, this paper discus on how the national identity affects the emirate society in traditions.

The national identity involves systems of social and moral values that the country associates with the lifestyle of the people in the past, current and in the future. National identity development incorporates the issue of the religious, national, collective, future, individual and the past commitment to the customs, traditions, doctrines, language and the faith of the nation among others. This is by promoting and enshrining the listed issues in a cooperative national duty incumbent upon the governments, institutions, individuals and the community. Therefore, to develop the national identity caters supported tools and mechanisms, in which case it influences the people and their behavior in order that they create a society that is probable of encountering the challenges and enjoying the necessary foundations of behavioral, national and the social tools. The tools consist of the education, family education, religion, media, leadership and the arts (Al, 2001, p.158).

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The building of the national identity and the consolidation of the issues associated with it may not be undertaken devoid of making the national identity one of the issue of the major strategy of the emirates government. In addition, there is the promotion of the sense of allegiance and the belonging to the countries, and this is by ensuring there is the observation of culture heritage, activating the cultural association in emirates and issuing and highlighting the Emirati creativity in the local regional and the global level. In the government of the emirates, they are trying to consolidate and promote several initiatives that encompass various pillars to ensure that they nurture the national identity. The initiative will influence the traditions of the emirates by making them have the sense of belonging to the homeland, and it makes them enshrine the sense of the social responsibility at all levels. The emirates society will value their identity and the national heritage and, hence, the society will protect and promote the Arabic language, and disseminates the emirates tradition within them. In addition, the emirates society will strive to strengthen the interdependence and the solidarity of the members of the society around some concepts associated with the national identity. This is quite significant in the curriculum of the national education, in various schools, and even at the university levels, and it will go along in educating children and guiding the people (Bergne, 2006, p.62).

The national identity will influence the culture of the emirates societies. In essence, the national identity usually contains the common history, religions and even environments, and whenever these components are quite applied fully at the national level, the society at large will conceive what these components insinuates. Through the national identity, the emirates society will change their tradition to conform to the national identity, and this is by changing the values and beliefs. Through the national identity, the emirates cultures of various societies will transcend to from generation to generation through the religious traditions, social means, education means and even through the family policies. The national identity usually bases the multifaceted ideas of the entire nation and the manner in which the groups and the individuals identify themselves with the ideas. Therefore, the emirate society will develop the components of such national identity, and this is through having the values and the virtues such as having respect for others, having the solid ethical traditions and even following provisions of the law. In addition, recognizing the national identity by the Emirates society will make the whole society conform to the social behavior, economic behavior among others (Al, 2001, p.158).

In conclusion, the preservation of the national identity should a shared responsibility that careers all segments of the people in the society. People, for instance the youths and the teenagers should end the habit of focusing on the blind imitations from other countries. All the people ought not to imitate others cultures or even other countries. The emirates people and the societies should be proud of themselves, their rich culture, and the faultless heritage that usually distinguish them from others in the whole world.


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