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The United Arabs Emirates is about to celebrate its forty first national day; therefore, their government is doing everything possible, to ensure that they preserve their national identity. The United Arabs Emirates government has its key leadership objective, which is preserving and promoting national identity especially among young people. A lot of focus has been put on the government of United Arabs Emirates in order to find out the strategy they are using in providing exceptional importance, to the young adults in that nation (Bergne, 2007).

The youth in United Arabs Emirates, between the ages of fifteen to twenty five make up about fifty-five percent of the nation’s percentage. In addition, a lot of emphasis has been put by the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Community Development (MCYCD) on the need for creating awareness and preserving the national identity. It also emphasizes on the need of developing adequate leadership skill and different capabilities amongst the youth who area significant group in United Arabs Emirates.



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A way in which the government has ensured that there is the establishment and protection of the national identity is by encouraging young people to participate, and uphold their nation’s cultural heritage. This can be done by conducting or creating a series of programs, which are meant to focus on the national’s cultural heritage. This can also be done by ensuring that all citizens of United Arabs Emirates keep pace with their nation’s ambition, which focuses on, equipping various citizens with all the necessary requirements. This has made it easy for the United Arabs Emirates citizens to access advanced digital technology, which has assisted, them in achieving communication (Bloom, 2007).

In addition, the administration has come up with definite programs that address the youth and provide them with various tools of enhancing creativity. They are also encouraged in contributing in the highly spreading cultural values. Another way in which the government has created and promoted national identity is by ensuring that all their young people’s talents are nurtured. For instance, there are those who have writing talents, the government publishes whatever they write and explore these materials through various appropriate channels. It assists them in raising awareness about the significance of literature amongst the youth of United Arabs Emirates. This scheme aims at supporting and highlighting young United Arabs Emirates talent by introducing the youth to the literacy scheme through a partnership between the government's ministry of culture, and community development. There is also a partnership between the educational institution, the government, and the creative youth themselves (Ersoy, 2010).

Positive arguments

One of the most significant benefits of the United Arabs Emirates creating and preserving national identity is an enhancement of a peaceful coexistence. This is amongst the youth who at times may become violent due to unemployment. However, the government of United Arabs Emirates has done everything to ensure that although not all of them are employed, at least those with various talents are nurtured. The other benefit is that, through the creation and preservation of national identity by the government, United Arabs Emirates has enhanced peace with other nations. This is to the extent that today many other countries have trading relationship with United Arabs Emirates. Those that have not yet joined in terms of trade or other relations are doing everything to ensure that there are some relations between them (Joseph, 2004).

The third benefit is that the rate of crime at United Arabs Emirates has significantly dropped due to government’s identification, creation, and preservation of national identity. This is because the government has created different opportunities for their citizens, and they have actively involved their citizens through key nation’s cultural events.

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The other most significant benefit that United Arabs Emirates has gained through national identity is economic growth and development. The nation’s government is doing everything to ensure that there is the development and growth of their economy so that every citizen’s may be positively affected. Their markets are stable such that those who are farmers have a ready market in their country and consequently this has helped in the improvement of their people’s lives, and lifestyles (Smith, 2011).

Negative arguments

However, although United Arabs Emirates has highly benefited from their government’s creation and preservation of national identity, there have been some negative impacts. These negative impacts have been brought about by a few individuals who feel that they should dominate the nation. For instance, United Arabs Emirates is an extremely wealthy nation due to their oil export. However, there are those people who feel that they should control the oil market making it difficult for others to trade in the same market. This has contributed to high market prices for their oil, and this has scared away any potential investors who may have wanted to conduct their businesses in United Arabs Emirates (Landon, 2005).

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The other disadvantage is that although the United Arabs Emirates government is doing all things possible to make certain that their youth are developed, there are those who are not cooperative. Therefore, these few youth go against the wishes of the government and at times may cause chaos demanding proper and real employment by their government.


In conclusion, it is pertinent to note that for there to be peaceful coexistence in a country and with other nations around it, the government has to do everything possible to ensure that there is the creation, and preservation of the national identity. In addition, the government should look at the positive impacts of this national identity rather than looking at the negatives. This way a nation will realize full economic growth and political stability.


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