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Violence occurs almost everywhere in the world. People perceive and interpret violence differently. For instance, people wonder why terrorism keeps on occurring. These questions are important, and they do reflect the true nature of humans. It is true that establishing a perfect world is not an easy thing though, it is vital that human conflict be comprehended and minimized as much as possible. This paper seeks to explore the September 11th terrorist attack historical event that took place in the United States, its causes, the historical interpretations of this occurrence and its positive and negative effect.

The 9/11 terrorist attack was a sequence of four synchronized suicide hits that occurred in the US, New York City (Chomsky, 2003). The event took place on 11th September in the year 2001. Reports indicate that on the morning, of September 11, nineteen terrorists seized four passenger aircrafts. The terrorists belonged to al-Qaeda, an Islamic militant organization, and they flew two of the jets into the World Trade Center South and North towers situated in New York City which collapsed in approximately two hours. Those buildings that were close to the center also collapsed from the impact of the debris that was falling from the two towers and the fire that the collapse produced. One additional plane the terrorists purposefully crushed into the Pentagon and they had also purposed to crush the remaining plane into the United States Capitol Building,though, the passengers tried to take control of it and it ended up crushing in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The number of deaths approximated to 3000 together with the hijackers. Being suspected for plotting this incident Osama bin Laden, the leader of the terrorist organization denied it at first. He later admitted his involvement in the attack claiming the reasons behind it to include sanctions against the nation of Iraq, the presence of US soldiers in Saudi Arabia and the backing of Israel by the US government.

The causes of the September 11 attacks are both historical and contemporary. One historical cause is the Saudis who probably have contributed to the success of al Qaeda. History reveals that the stately Saud family made an agreement with a conformist society known as Wahabbi and sent them abroad so as to justify the fact that it owned Mecca and Medina, which Islamic people perceive as holy places. The sending of Wahabbism abroad has been a curse than a blessing in the sense that it bore the Taliban which Wahabbism largely influenced by its ideologies. Another historical reason concerns the Islam religion. As mentioned earlier, Bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda accepted the fact that he was behind the September 11 attacks. Historical analysts suggest that Bin Laden was trying to defend Islam (Ahmed, 2003). According to them, the attacks reflected Muslim ideologies, which exist in the Koran. Bin laden has related the attack to the verses concerning the sword in the Koran which permits attacks on disloyal members of the society. However, it is important to understand that this does not suggest by any chance that Islam is a sadistic religion but those who believe in such teachings perceive them as God’s words. Another historical reason is that the Muslim world has suffered humiliation since World War I. The Muslim world has stagnated for nearly a century according to reports. As many believe, the September 11 attacks are nothing compared to decline and humiliation that the Muslim world has faced for all these years. This stagnation is associated with western interference in the Muslim world many decades ago. Among the contemporary causes, of the September 11 attack is the technological advancements experienced by the modern world particularly in the area of communication. The Muslim society is rather knowledgeable about the violence that is taking place in the Muslim world. This was not the case when communication had not undergone revolution ten years ago. The channels in Arabia have multiplied and contributed to the stretch of al Qaeda ideas. Another modern reason associated to the September 11 attack is alienation of immigrants particularly of the Muslim origin in western worlds. The pilots flying the planes have become extra militant while residing in the western world. These individuals have been feeling out of place and discriminated hence this changed them into violent bitter individuals.

The historic interpretation of the September 11 attack has not been the same for everyone. Some individuals believe that Bin Laden perpetuated these attacks for the purposes of defending the Islamic faith, which have been under attack by other religions and non-religious sects. The history of Islam reveals that Muslim has always had one goal, which is to dominate the world, and this can be evidenced in times of Muhammad, known to be the founder of Islam, who was in constant battles with the Jewish tribes many centuries ago and eventually took over Mecca and Medina. Therefore, for Bin Laden and his crew, the September 11 attack seems to be a heroic event. In the same light, others think that the September 11 attack was a plot by the Bush administration for a good number of years to take control of the world. The US military can be perceived as having an intention to dominate and control the world (Bacevich, 2002).

The September 11 attack has both positive and negative outcomes. The major negative effect of this event is the fact, of many lost lives and several seriously injured people. Nearly 3000 people died that day while those injured, suffered lasting effects like mental issues and breathing difficulties. Another negative effect brought about the Patriotic Act which meant to make America a safer nation. However, this policy has denied innocent non-Americans several rights. Life for such individuals has become hard in the United States. Another negative effect concerns the demand for touring or traveling to the United States. After the September attacks, the US could be tagged as an unsafe destination. There was also a decrease in air travel, which could be associated with fear and the increased security that came about after the event. Increase in security did not come at a cheaper cost hence the US government incurred major losses as a result of the attack. The main positive effect of the September 11 attack was that various organizations had to join forces so as to tackle the situation. After the attacks, it came to light that there existed serious issues of communication, culture and procedures among various organizations. With these issues resolved, well equipped emergency agencies are able to coordinate better with other agencies, in the event of another grave attack.

It is clear that the September 11 attack was a serious event that had a major impact, not just in the United States but the world at large. Various historical and contemporary factors such as global dominance have been cited to be among the causes of the event. It is also clear that the attack has had both positive effects such as enhancing collaboration among institutions and negative effects such as loss of thousands of lives and strict policies especially for non Americans. Different people also have diverse views concerning the September 11 attack. All things considered; the need for security and safer societies is apparent.


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