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Implementing certain policies within an organization can be challenging sometimes. This is because different departments have their own projections and, therefore, operate semi autonomously. Managers entrusted with responsibilities of implementing policy change within organizations need to be extremely pragmatic to avoid facing challenges from certain quarters. Excellent Communication within the concerned departments is quite crucial for the success any transition within the company. In the case of Cerberus Corporation, Sophie Steel could have explored other available options to avoid running into confrontation with her colleague Jon

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The first option that Sophie could have done is to request her manager to organize for an inter-departmental meeting. In the meeting, Sophie would have the best opportunity to explain to her colleagues why they had to acquire new furniture. Among the most valuable things, that Steel needed to have done to convince her colleagues were to explain to them the value of acquiring new furniture. New furniture has numerous advantages to any business organization. Sophie needed to have convinced her collegues including Jon that new furniture is critical for their business. Working on worn out furniture does not give a company a reputable name.

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Secondly, Steel could have invited her colleagues to give suggestions regarding the quality of furniture to be replaced. That way she could have obtained suggestions from her colleagues on the nature of furniture that is required. Smooth implementation in organizations is a challenge even if the changes are beneficial. Sophie ought to have applied management by diplomacy skills in order to succeed in her duties. The other thing that Sophie ought to have done is to let all departments decided on how they will transform from old furniture to new furniture. This could her helped her avoid any adverse impact or perceptions of discriminatory policies.

If I were Sophie steel, I would go a head with the implementation but through a new strategy. I will first of all request the relevant manager to outline the need for new furniture in the entire organization. That way, I would have the backing of my seniors. With my seniors backing, I would now proceed and have a meeting with all section headds with the aim of outlining how the organization will acquire new furniture. From the story, it was evident that Jon Wood, the planning engineer was not totally against new furniture. His only worry was that his filling cabinets looked neat, and he always preferred working with such furniture.

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It is obvious that Jon is not the only one opposite to the idea of new furniture. Perhaps his is the first one and not the first because many employees would feel the same. To deal with this impending challenge, I would involve all concerned employees in the selection process. Uniformity is critical when it comes to furniture. To make sure that uniformity and quality are not compromised all required furniture will be sourced from the same supplier. In relation to Jon wood’s argument that acquiring new furniture is superfluous, I would assure him that acquiring new furniture is mandatory. Mandatory in the sense that, it would be cost cutting measure in the long run because it will restore the company name as well as save the company from future costs. I would also assure Mr. Wood that all old furniture will not go to west; instead, it will be sold to bring revenue to the company.  

Buy Sophie's Case essay paper online

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