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The government has legitimate bases to suppress freedom of speech despite of the fact that the law guarantees freedom of speech and expression. The government is more concerned on the security measure and other factors which would affect the larger community shoes interest would surpass a single person who is trying to destabilize others, using defamatory messages which are false full in support that they are practicing their role in freedom of speech. According to Dershowitz (par 3) shouting of “Fire” in a theater while in real sense there is no fire with an aim of practicing freedom of speech is misuse of such powers and deserve to be punished.

Therefore, the government will always ban any message which is designed to force an action without contemplation as this would amount to negative influence by the audience. The example being by Dershowitz is that; when someone shouts “fire” in a theater while there is no fire he compels all the audience to heed his advice and vacate the premises. While, on the same is someone issues pamphlets to the audience that the building is not safe in case of fire would be allowed because the later communication gives the recipients chance to decide on his own whether to get in or not. Such do also apply when laws on freedom of speech is concerned.

In conclusion freedom of speech does not support false idea or any incitement of the public to compel to your ideas without a chance of contemplation. Freedom of speech had been misused by most people who send political messages to instigate fear, provide false information with an aim of conveying the message without inviting the audience to provide their views so that they can act in a calculated / rational manner. Therefore, any means of communication either verbal or written with impassioned language with an intention to negatively influence the audience or submit them to intimidation. Will not be allowed by the government and it would revise its laws to censor such information for security and stability of the country.


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