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Free «New Deal Programs» Essay Sample

WPA – Works Progress Administration: WPA was the largest of the New Deal Agencies. It was created in 1935 with an aim of providing Americans, especially the unskilled at that time, with employment opportunities. Most of them worked as unskilled laborers in construction of roads and towns (Kelly).

SSA – Social Security Act: The aim of SSA was to fight poverty among the senior (elderly) citizens of the United States. Through SSA, all elderly retirees were provided with income. The program is still in existence, where the current employees and their employers are involved in funding the program (Kelly).

NRA – National Recovery Act: The function of NRA was to bring the interests of the American working class together with those of businesspersons. The program was aimed at creating a balanced playing field for all those who were involved in the economic activities (Kelly).

HOLC – Home Owner’s Loan Corporation: HOLC was created in 1933 to assist homeowners refinance their home loans. This was after the housing crisis, which threatened many Americans with foreclosures (New Deal Achievements).



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PWA – Public Works Administration: PWA was created to provide Americans with job opportunities after the Great Depression. The program was also aimed at creating economic stimulus to the American economy (New Deal Achievements).

CWA- Civil Works Administration: The function of this program was to provide job opportunities to the unemployed Americans in 1933. The program was aimed at providing high paying jobs in the construction field. However, due to high costs involved with this program, it ended in 1934 (New Deal Achievements).

CCC- Civilian conservation Corps: The function of CCC was to provide employment to the Americans during the Great Depression. Many youths were recruited in CCC, and were involved in building trails and structures in various national parks, and other public works (Kelly).

FSA - Federal Security Agency: Created in 1939, the function of FSA was to administer various government programs such as social security, food and drug safety, and federal education funding programs (New Deal Achievements).

FHA – Federal Housing Administration: The function of FHA was to fight the housing crisis faced by many Americans during the Great Depression. The Great Depression resulted into a combination of banking crisis and large number of unemployed Americans. This made many banks recall the house loans they had issued to members of the public. This led to establishment of FHA, which controlled mortgages and housing situation (Kelly).

TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority: TVA was created in 1933 with an aim of helping the economy of Tennessee Valley recover from the Great Depression. Tennessee Valley was the worst hit region by the Great Depression (New Deal Achievements).

IRA – Indian Reorganization Act: The act was created in 1934. Its main function was to bring to an end the sale of tribal lands, and reinstate ownership of unallocated land to Native American groups (New Deal Achievements).


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