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Wal-Mart is the largest and most active retail company in the global world. The company dates back to 1962 establishing itself from being a small firm to being the largest company worldwide, with over 3,800 unit stores in the united state only (Brad 12). Wal-Mart is one of the best places to shop. Some of the advantages of shopping at Wal-Mart include:

Time conscious

Shopping at Wal-Mart is more convenient to customers than shopping at other retail stores since Wal-Mart boasts of having high grade technology and state of the art retailing that gives its consumers a variety of product assortment.‘‘Wal-Mart.com’’ is their site, which highly reduces the transaction cost of their customers, since they can shop by online means. This reduces the time the customers would spend driving to the retail stores across the streets, plus it cuts down on the time the consumers spend lining up at the cashiers (Walmart.pdf). The company has also implemented a search engine for their product, which makes, it more convenient for consumers to find their preferred products also by giving their customers the chance to return goods that were picked-up at Wal-Mart store through online purchasing. These move cutbacks the negotiation efforts between consumers and the staffs at the store thus reducing time wasting through verbal communication and fuel cost incase driving is involved.



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Low prices

The company enjoys the advantages of having large economies of scale which reduces the cost of production per unit, hence lowering the prices of individual products and goods, unlike other small firms which operate on small economies of scale which results in increased cost of production. Due to these low prices on products, the lives of people living in the rural areas has improved, since it gives people a lifestyle they possibly could not have (Edmonds 633). Also, the customers save time which they would have spent moving from one retail shop to the other. The low prices of commodity come as an advantage to the consumers since they keep extra change in their pockets.

One stop shop

Customers enjoy the benefit of shopping for almost everything in their budget at one stop at Wal-Mart, where there is a variety of extra services offered. Example of such service is the dental check up, where parents may take their kids, for teeth check up and leave them with the dentist as they go about with their regular shopping. Products range from utilities that people use and need in their lives and during their special occasions as in the case of a wedding or graduation. These items vary from bathroom to sports equipment, kitchen supplies to organic flowers and car items to garden seeds. Other small retail outlets are limited to such products and services which are expensive to run and uphold. As a result, they lack product specialization, since there is no variety of products for their customers to choose and purchase.

Ample parking space

On a good weekend, Wal-Mart hosts a remarkably large number of customers who flock in to have their purchases and since the majority of them commute with individual, private family vehicles, they feel safe and secure when they need the option of parking their cars in the large parking space, where it is mere luck to get a parking space in small retail outlets.

Knowledgeable employees, Wal-Mart boasts to have employees who are knowledgeable and highly helpful since they are also shoppers and customers themselves. They have excellent customer relation qualities.

Store hours

The Wal-Mart stores are usually open to the public for business and are only closed a few hours throughout the year, due to public holiday or adverse weather conditions such as heavy snow, or heavy downpour (Anti Essays). This makes it convenient for shoppers since they gain confidence with the company, as they are assured of constant running services throughout the year.

Pocket friendly eye care

The Mal-Mart has optometrists within their store, which makes, it easier for its consumers to get and purchase glasses at a lower price compared to other stores. They also get to choose from a variety of available eye contacts in the eye care section. This feature makes Wal-Mart the preferred consumer choice.

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Price matching

In Wal-Mart, they do sales price comparison with other local stores which come as a benefit to consumers as they get to compare prices to those at Wal-Mart (Arindrajit, William & Berry 558). This in turn, helps shoppers get products at low prices and not having to travel city to city searching for stores.

Good variety of products

They are many products to choose from, ranging from generic brands products to name brand commodity. These makes shoppers access products more easily and quick, which saves them time and energy.


It is the company’s website which carries plenty of items that regular store does not carry. This is an added advantage to shop at Wal-Mart since the customers can plan for their purchase in advance as they can log in and look up at the prices of products which help in budgeting for their money in advance thus saving extra cash, which they could, have spent moving from stores to stores searching for cheaper products (Brad 14). All these makes Wal-Mart become the most preferred consumer choice across the united state and the rest of the country, since the consumers can access the online services over the internet in any part of the world as long as there is an internet connection in their region or locality. This is not the case with small firm store outlets as they have not expanded across the globe and they lack the capital to advertise themselves across the globe, since advertising is expensive to run.

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Site to store

In case the consumer purchases products from the online Wal-Mart website, and they are not within the Wal-Mart store from which they purchased the products, they can easily arrange for the products to be shipped to any Wal-Mart store that the consumer fill is the most appealing and satisfying to them anywhere across the world, and the shipment charges are totally free (Walmart.pdf). A characteristic that is not associated with small retail shops which charges high cost of transportation, which also includes shipment of products.

Cheap prescription

There a variety of outstanding quality generic prescription pills which are easily available to customers, especially for the elderly ones who use these pills regularly. They can get decent pills from as little as four dollars for a one month supply; hence they save up extra cash for extra pills. This is beneficial to customers since they are confident of a running supply, and the availability of the pills. The small retail stores offer the same kind of pills to their customers at relatively high prices compared to the Wal-Mart store, and since consumers need to budget their income, they will certainly look to shop at the Wal-Mart stores over and over.

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Entertainment galore

There are a variety of different people who come to shop at the Wal-Mart stores, from the well-off to the low income earners. They show up to shop dressed in humorous attires, including tights, bell bottoms and others even dress up like clowns (Anti Essays). This mode of dressing and the shopping craze that overwhelms the customers certainly cheers up the atmosphere in there, and shoppers find themselves laughing all the way to the cashier.


Wal-Mart is the largest and most active retail company in the global world. This essay has explained several advantages of shopping at the shop. It has a variety of products which makes it the most convenient place to shop in.

Categorical Arguments - Wal-Mart is the largest and most active retail company in the globe.

Definitional Argument - Wal-Mart boasts to have employees who are knowledgeable and highly helpful

Resemblance Arguments - shopping at Wal-Mart is more convenient to customers than in other stores than shopping at other retail stores.


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