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Free «American Standard Code for Information Interchange» Essay Sample

ASCII is an acronym for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It is a coding technique for computing and other communication devices that make use of text. All the text that is input into the computer or other computing devices from the keyboard and other peripheral devices is represented in this format. This technique uses the first thirty two codes for control purposes. It also has ninety five ASCII printable characters which constitute of letters, digits, punctuation marks and other varied signs. All the characters add up to one hundred and twenty seven. Control characters are applied while sending control information to devices such as printers.

In order to have communication between computing devices, there are different types of characters that represent various functions such as the line feed which makes the printer to move its paper forward. There is also the carriage return function which makes the printer to go for the next paper after it is done with one. The space character on the other hand is represented by the space bar of the keyboard and serves the function of separating words from each other. These are just but a few of the many other character functions of the ASCII coding technique.



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On the other hand, EBCDIC stands for Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code. It is a binary system for alphabetic and numeric characters that was created by IBM for use in its computing devices. The code is applied in IBM’s computing devices including their workstations and servers. Every character in this coding technique is characterized with an eight binary number. It is worth mentioning that a total of two hundred and fifty six characters comprising of the alphabet, numbers, and other special characters are identified in this coding technique. While ASCII is used in most of the computing devices, EBCDIC is just limited to IBM products.

Finally, Unicode is a wholly new scheme in putting up binary codes for alphabetical or numerical characters. It is a technique for exchange, processing and representation of the written texts of the various languages of the world. The system supports various historical texts in a variety of languages. It can therefore be termed as a computing standard for illustration of text in most of the world’s scripting systems. The standard covers more than ninety scripts and is developed by the Unicode consortium which is based in California.

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