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In the liberal world, people seek autonomy over their lives such that no one is willing to sacrifice their standards for the advantage of others. One of the most commonly accepted belief in a liberal world is the fact that respect for personal rights is a major requirement for a healthy correlation in the world. However, the primary role of a journalist is to provide people with information about what is happening around the world. Most of the time, problems occur when the rights of the people that are receiving the information disagrees with the personal rights to privacy.

There are usually no clearly defined boundary lines between personal privacy and public interest when it comes to celebrities. The difference becomes less visible when people hold part of their professional life outside usual working hours. However, there are generally acceptable rules that guide on what is right or wrong. Everyone has a constitutional right to personal privacy and therefore, when the media personnel are reporting information about a certain political candidate; they should bear in mind several things. First, they should ensure that they do not infringe an individual’s private life in the course of gathering news. For instance, it would be unacceptable to inquire about how a person does his day to day work while addressing a public rally. On the same note, the journalist should bear in mind that the society does not need to be fed with private information about a certain public figure. It will be an infringement of the people’s right to privacy if stories about private lives of celebrities are published or broadcast in the media.

When a political candidate is implicated with a scandal, his public image is usually tarnished. The people’s opinion towards him changes to a great deal. Scandalous activities contribute to the downfall of a candidate’s political ambitions due to the loss of moral authority and command to the public. Most of the time, they are forced to resign from the offices they hold after they are implicated with a scandal.


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