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Introduction to forensics reports:

Forensic report is refers to arrangement of contents for collection of arguments, facts and any data relating to a crime scene by the accused and accuser. In modern countries like United States forensic system has been developed on scientific methods. Several initiatives are being taken by the authorities with the help of technology and number of new forensic domains has been introduced with the arrival of technology in forensic system. One new and very technical forensic domain is computer forensic report.

Computer forensic reports:

Computer forensic report is an examination of computer or system. It demands a high level of technical skills to write a computer forensic report, prepare a report on the technical evidences and put it before the court and to prove it. A report should pertain systematic transition in writings, should be clear, concise and conclusive. It is important to make your report straightforward and have reader centered denotation. A report structure is as simple as research paper, it needs to research the facts and realities and paint them into the format of research paper. Report structure includes abstract, table of content, body of report, conclusion, references, glossary, acknowledgements and appendixes.          

What additional advice would you provide to forensics investigators preparing for court testimony?

After an evaluating of forensic system, induction of high tech techniques in the forensic investigations, I definitely emphasis on the essentials of highly skilled resources into the system. Only a highly technical resource can produce sufficient evidence and can prepare a report according to the court testimony. The second thing which is actually interlinked with the first one is an appropriate environment should be provided to the involved resources to make it sure that they will get the right and accurate evidence precise to the circumstances.  

Briefly discuss the importance of Criminal Forensics Investigators in the Cyber Age

The cyber age is obviously a high tech age, therefore, toady the requirement of computer forensic system and the need of high tech resources in the domain is utmost important. Now you can point out, every thing, is on net, therefore, the amount of cyber crime naturally increase. To commence the criminal forensics investigations and to cue response to the online criminal activities. It is utmost important to develop an cyber forensic system with high tech skills and high tech environment.

Explain the future role and what you think is the single most important aspect in relations to a successful prosecution from gathering digital evidence?

Future role of computer forensic system is very prominent. In other words it can be elaborate that a competent computer forensic system is need of the time. It will reduce the crimes the crimes of next age or the crimes of running age. Therefore, importance of futuristic role of forensic system is obvious. 

I my opinion the single most important aspect in relations to a successful prosecution from gathering digital evidence would be the skills of forensic officer. It will eventually help and make sure to gather the right, accurate and the perfect evidence with the highly dependable collector. Therefore, the first important thing is to bring out the quality resources who should be able to gather the digital data efficiently and turn it into a report perfectly.


At the end of paper, the importance of forensic system and the role of technology and technical resource in cyber forensic system could be realized. The most important thing in this regard is to provide environment to the working ones and the must thing is to build a high tech team who can perfectly gather the digital data, convert it into a computer forensic report and put it before the court for testimony.     


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