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The ancient tales of Arabic literature was a classic collection. It was a work of many writers written by the scholars of Middle East and collected over many centuries. The reflection of ancient Arabic culture and old traditions is very prominent in all of these fourteenth century tales. Most of the stories are fold tales and the other ones are frame stories. The one thing which is common in almost all of the stories is “Shahryar” means king and his wife Scheherazade. There are many stories but the most popular ones are Aladdin’s wonderful lamp, ali baba and the forty thieves and the seven voyages of sinbad the sailor. These are the most wonderful and widely recognized tales of Arabic ancient  classic literature.

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The culture and customs:

Arabic culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world history. The thousand and one night stories belong to the 17th century’s classic culture of Arabic world. There was then very simple but strong customs were applied. Arab has very rich culture it also has pompous to be the inceptor of Islam. Therefore, the influence of Islamic customs was widely applied into the activities performed by the Arabs. The ancient tales also denote the innocence of that time when no scientific miracles were never be talked except in the Islamic preaches and in the Quran. Another, denotation of the stories is the queen Sassanid must tell the stories to her medieval husband Scheherazade to delay his executions. However, the individual stories have been created by many centuries by many people. All the collection of these stories has been called the thousand and one night stories.    

Ali baba and the forty thieves:

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Ali Baba is one of those ancient stories which are part of the thousand and one night stories. Some, historian believe that this story was written by an European translator Antoine Galland who had heard it oral from a local Arabian and put it into the written form. However, some other historian claims that this story is an original part of the ancient tales of the thousand and one nights.

The story is about the greed and the simplicity and decency. It is about two brothers from whom one was very rich due to his marriage with a rich women and one Ali Baba was very poor due to his decency and marriage with a poor lady. Ali baba use to cut the wood from forest and dump them into his warehouse which was a cave. He had a magic key for this cave which is used to open and close the magic door of cave. The word of mouth which is used to open and close the door of cave was for open “Open Simsim” and for close “Close Simsim”.

One day Ali Baba found some gold coins which he picked and stored in his cave warehouse. But, unfortunately the forty thieves come to know about the gold coins held with Ali baba from his personal source. One day ali baba was working for his bread and butter in the forest and he heard about the thieves but the pathetic thing is his brother was there to find the coins. The thieves had killed the Ali baba’s brother and gone away.

The moral of the story is about the greed and decency. Brother of Ali baba was always being greedy that is why he married with a rich women to satisfy his monetary greed. On the other hand, Ali baba wasn’t a voracious man he alywas shown his decency towards every thing he done. He adopt a very hard working profession and married with a poor women. Even though, after getting the gold coins he never postured like a proud or wealthy man. He always keeps his decency first and worked with heart and soul that is why God helped him.

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The characters are morals of stories:

It is widely recognized that the climax and moral of the stories of the thousand and one nights are the punch point. The stories and their moral impacted greatly on the social as well as customary norms of the Arabic society. After the recognition of the stories these are widely used in the literature of many counties to communicate the decency and social responsibility in the new bees. At the same time, the stories are a large source of inspiration of the up coming generation and they read and learn many things from the influential Arabic literature.

What does the work or works you are discussing teach the reader/listner?

As discussed that the morals of the stories have large source of inspiration to the readers and listeners. It had influence the ancient Arabic society and still these stories are a large source of inspiration for the current and upcoming generation. The work discussed Ali baba and the forty thieves have the lessons of decency and reactions of greed. It up brings the social responsibility in the citizens.  

What critical development is noted by reading the work(s)?

The critical development is noted by reading the work is decency is the ultimate success. and the greed does not give you anything but the embarrassment and for some cases it can create worst scenario as pointed out in the story Ali baba and the forty thieves. The story tells that it is everyone’s individual responsibility to keep him/her self decent and not to go for greed and race. The world now we are living in is so greedy and has so much bad things in it, therefore, it is our responsibility to not to safeguard ourselves but also to safeguard others and help them to be safe. This is the social responsibility and this is the ultimate moral of the thousand and one nights ancient Arabic literature.

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