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English speech possesses several jargons which influence to communicate effectually. A categorical deliverance of message needs to have hardcore knowledge of literature, language and an appropriate know-how of cultural context (Hockett, 1958: 20). However, at the same time, it is important that the recipient should have enough knowledge of literature and language to depict, understand and accurately respond or interpret the idioms. Several a times it had been witnessed by the scholars that many people not only unable to understand but even does not depict the idioms, for this reason they wrongly receipt the message as well as wrongly respond to it. For that reason, a sufficient knowledge of literature, language and more specifically an accurate know-how about idioms is damn important to understand and respond perfectly (Bradshaw, n.d).

Common problems and its solutions:

There are some common problems faced by people to understand the idioms as recipient of speech or as translator. These problems are discussed as under:


The first and the major problem is identification. Many people even many literate ones are often found unable to properly understand the idioms. Therefore, they eventually respond wrongly to the question, sentence or statement. So, if someone is not able to identify then he never understand at all.



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The only solution is to develop an idiomatic understanding level which demands a specific concentration onto the ancient cultural phrases which normally contradicting the principle of compositionality. However, a proper identification is half to understand and the proper interpretation is complete understanding. The people need to equip themselves to accurately identify the idiom and exactly interpret it to get the right response for a question, sentence or statement. And it is only possible to have sufficient knowledge of language, literature as well as cultural background (Strassler, 1982: 20).

Exact interpretation:

If people identify an idiom the second thing which makes them wrong is exact interpretation. In this regard many people claim that they can identify the idioms very easily but when they respond to it they found it wrong. So, identification is not enough another problem is interpretation. Hereinafter, if one interprets wrong then h/she definitely respond wrongly (Everaert, 1995: 57).

One solution is to cram 25,000 idiomatic expressions or other one is to develop a precise understanding of exact identification and interpretation of idiomatic expression. Both are not too hard but both represent specific peoples. However, both are widely adapted by the large amount of people to make it possible to respond and translate the idioms perfectly.


Another big problem of idiomatic expression is to translate them into other languages. It is a common perception that Idioms can not be translated well. In some cases, when an idiom is translated into another language, either its meaning is changed or it is meaningless. Therefore, translating idioms in some other languages is not only hard but in some cases it could be useless or meaningless.

For translating idioms it is better to understand the historical as well as cultural backgrounds. Because, idiom denotes to an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that makeit up. Therefore, cultural, historical and societal references are mandatory to properly understand perfectly interpret and accurately translate the idioms into other languages. Otherwise, it will not give a prefect expression to the audience (Saeed, 2003: 41).

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User of idiom:

In order to translate text it also needs to use idioms or translate idioms into the selected language. According to Lefevere (1992: 19) it is suggested by him that in the translation the use of idiom should consider the target audience. Because, idioms has been made in historical as well as cultural references. Therefore, it is mandatory to reflect on the appropriate situation and with the accurate context.

The complexities are obvious because idioms are purely English language or English cultural reflector. Therefore, it is harder to translate them according to the ones own culture or match the vivid differences of the diverse cultures like Japanese and English. Hence, it is better to properly understand the idiom and then write according to the target audience culture and language (What is an Idiom? n.d).

Language and translation:

Languages contain large barriers between. And when it comes to translation it would be more though to match the theme and discourse of the contents. Therefore, with the translation one have to be more careful to translate the actual contents with perfect theme. Moreover, idioms demands extra stress to properly handle and perpetuate. So, it is translator’s responsibility to deliver the exact denotation of translated content. Otherwise, it would not make sense or more appropriately it would be a senseless/meaningless translation. Hereinafter, it is damn mandatory to deal with the idioms carefully which is only possible to equip and familiar oneself with English literature, language as well as cultural backgrounds.

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At the end of the paper it is better to revise the objectives and achievements. The paper has discussed speech its forms and mode of expressions. More specifically the influence of idioms on a speech or written discourse and the difficulties faced by the people to recognize, interpret and translate them into some other language. The problems faced by the writer, reader and the solution to confront with the problems and get the accurate response has been append in the paper. However, at the end it would be appropriate to restate that idiom identification/interpretation is hard but its translation is tougher which can not be dealt without a proper knowledge of language and literature, at the same time, the know-how of cultural as well as historical backgrounds is mandatory.

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