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Some realistic arty work always lives and reminds the specific theme presented in. One much realistic and more powerful character presented by Ayn Rand in her novel “Atlas Shrugged” portrays the realistic socioeconomic factors of that time. According to John Galt the selfishness is not only moral but practical as well. The central character of the novel John Galt’s saying about selfishness reflects the whole plot presented by Ayn Rand in her novel “Atlas Shrugged”. Moreover, story is about the struggle to maintain the integrity along with the intellectualness of intellects. 

Novel and its acceptance:

The novel “Atlas Shrugged” was the fourth and last work by Ayn Rand. It does not achieve sufficient popularity right after its publication. However, time has proved the philosophies presented in and a wide audience has appreciated it quite well. The selfishness philosophy in the story creates great impact on the reader.    

Moral selfishness:

Moral selfishness is concerned with the principle of right and wrong. It confirms the standards of behavior and character based on the morality and moral selfishness. Hereinafter, the genuine, genius and gentle never being restrained or retained. At the same time, social justice system always pinches the intellect people to protect their basic rights even with highest selfishness. So, the selfishness presented in “Atlas Shrugged” in the character of John Galt also represents to the accurate spirit of the social justice. The protest for the cause confirms the intellectualness and integrity of the intellects. That is why the work had been widely appreciated by the people especially in the depression period.

 Practical selfishness:

Practical selfishness is to keep hold of ones skills to gain the best rewards. The book “Atlas Shrugged” has greatly exemplified the practical selfishness by portraying the business and intellects clash. It was a clash of interest which can be called practical selfishness. The exploitation of intellects is exploitation of business growth. Therefore, the highest practical selfishness is needed to keep the integrity and best rewards intact. And that is what John Galt said to the society, don’t exploit to never being exploited.

Who is John Galt?

John Galt is a slogan of practical and moral selfishness. That is the form selfishness which represents to the specific state of mind and particular occurrence. John Galt is about a story of struggle which wants integrity and justice with the intellects the growth contributors. Moreover, John Galt is a loud voice against the collectivism and statism. Therefore, he becomes selfish to secure the uprightness.


At the end of treatise, it is better to second the realism in the philosophy of John Galt presented by Ayn Rand in her novel “Atlas Shrugged”. In reference of book and the circumstances storied the moral as well as practical selfishness is deemed to be mandatory. So, the moral is one should not exploit and should care of not being exploited.  


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