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Life is super-precious for human being and life would be more imperative when it has threats for its vitality. If a person suffering from a disease or any other crisis and expecting some cure for it, it would be better feeling. However, if a person suffering from a disease and come to know that there is no cure for it, it would be panic situation not only for patient but also for attendants and doctors.

The book “The hot zone” has also demonstrated the same and factual crisis situation for a patient named Charles Monet and for the entire community as well. The source of the gigantic crisis situation was a tiny but deadly virus Ebola and Marburg which pulled all the forces into emergency. Nevertheless, at the same time, the book story has end up with resolution of crisis situation but after risky and worn-out efforts of the brave scientists.

Book summary:

The book starts with the visit of the central character Charles Monet to a cave with her girl friend. Monet does not know that the moment of leisure and pleasure would become his death cause. There in the cave he was infected by the viruses named Ebola and Marburg. At first he does not know about the infection he continued his life and perfumed his daily activities as usual. However, after some days he found himself lethal depicted that his internal organs failed and he bleeds out. In a Nairobi hospital a doctor named Shem Musoke, the doctor tried his best to diagnose the viral attack.



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Then after that Dr. Nancy Jaax assigned to explore the virus and report to the concerned department. While she was working on the viruses there were two more casualties happened one was Peter Cardinal a blond ten year old guy and he was not survived from the deadly viral attack. The other was Nurse Mayinga and she also not survived from the disease. This created panic situation for respective departments to overcome the deadly virus to protect the human beings. Teams of scientists and microbiology experts are formed to explore the various and build some curing medication for this deadly virus. Then the scientists find out that a filovirus is a member of the Filoviridae family of viruses and is of the order mononegavirules. The viruses are built as a single stranded negative sense RNA and they only affect primates.

The efforts of scientists’ and microbiologists have made it possible to save the people from the deadly virus. Otherwise, it would be difficult if the virus will spread out people will affected to the virus. All the alive human beings around the hot zone are just because of the brave and dedicated team of scientists and microbiologists.

Book denotation:

It is better to say that writer has vigorously highlighted the red alert topic and successful to convey his message and received enormous appreciation for his devotion. The factual thrill cannot allow you to take you attention away from the beautifully explained story of a crisis situation and its handling.

As the operation commenced and successfully completed by the brave microbiologists. It is an enlightened example for the microbiology students to get enthusiasm from the brave mans who saved hundred thousands of human lives putting their life in danger. At the same time, writer has very comprehensively covered the topic and maintained the curiosity till the end of the book. That is why the book was best-selling book of year 1994 and writer had received much appreciation from the learned and the common readers.

The scientific study of the topic:

The topic is not a common one but it is a microbiology topic which is not easy to write on. However, in the book “The hot zone” the writer has shown his scientific as well as writing skills at a time. Writer’s command on microbiology subject and his denotation expertise made him and his writing unique. That is why readers have easily understood the book and the book has been widely recognized. As the credit of removal of virus goes to the scientists and microbiologist involved in the wipeout operation, same like that the credit of spreading the information through printed means goes to the writer Richard Preston.

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Readers point of view:

Readers have widely accepted the book as quality denotation from the writer Richard Preston. The quality denotation not only comprised on the writing and topic exposition but also refers to the scientific knowledge of the topic. As the topic is about microbiology the writer’s knowledge about the topic reflects when he talk about the lab environment, the virus cruelty and the patient situation in the illness. A clear denotation of the topic with the well equip scientific means has made it a unique and extremely informative piece of writing. That is why readers have appreciated the book and writer.


At the end of treatise, importance of human life and pathetic situation of human life in the deadly illness can be witnessed. On the other hand, the efforts to save human at any cost and with any mean is greatly highlighted in the book. This is a book on a scientific topic but its great concern with the common human life made it important. On the other hand, the common denotation of the book made it common and unique.


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