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Heritage denotes to the ancient aesthetic architectural and cultural remains. Islamic history has several architectural examples like the shrines and or the well crafted mosques. These Islamic architectural aesthetics still possess an admiring impression which captures the eyes of bystanders. Several exemplary architectures are there to get serenity from the figurine to the shrines of old cultural and heritage mosques. However, one great architectural example is Faith Mosque which was repaired thrice and reconstructed once. But the monarchic architectural aesthetics maintained every time it was repaired or rebuilt. At the moment the mosque is one of the largest examples of Turkish-Islamic architecture situated in Istanbul.

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The old interior was unique but the present one is also an end to end exact example of Ottoman imperial mosque. The calligraphy and extreme sophisticated artistic work on the walls and the white tiles gives it a unique look to be a captivated site. The central dome and four semi domes on each axis supported by four large marbles columns. The mimber also crafted by the sophistication with the help of calligraphy which influences the visitors very much. Therefore, interior of Faith Mosque has uniqueness and utmost sophistication in it.


The exterior remains same no changes has been made with the repair and reconstruction work. The main entrance, courtyard upper and lower portions of the Mosque stayed same and original even after the repair and reconstruction work. The exterior view welcomes the visitors with the bequest architectural design, that is why Mosque is so prominent and has perpetual perception for everyone.


At the end of treatise, it can be observed that in the Islamic history the influence of divinity has sculptured the Mosques with highest aesthetics. Therefore, religious influence on the sculptures and shrines provided us the most beautiful and admiring architectures in the world. These architectures give us spirit to maintain them and made ours like them or better than that.


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