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Personnel administration involves categorizing, employing, training, and evaluating the workers. It is also known as human resource management. The personnel office of the Mount St. Peters District School might have delayed the hiring of a replacement for Arlene Kelley because they lacked enough resources to conduct a recruitment exercise. Hiring of new employees requires a budget that supports the exercise. Neil is justified in his frustrations at the personnel office. This is because, the amount of work in his department might have been overwhelming, and he, thus, needed an assistant. He may also be frustrated because he does not have someone to deputize him when he is absent. Neil’s insistence on an emergency hire is, however, not justifiable due to his inclination to hire his cousin. This suggests that he has other interests besides needing an assistant (Webb & Norton, 2012).

Murray Nordin should not authorize the emergency hire. The reason is that the emergency hiring might lead to future complications. They might hire someone who is not experienced and qualified. Hiring of Louise Smith leads to favoritism. Louise Smith may also lack enough experience or qualifications. If the emergency hire is made, the personnel office should do it on a contract basis. If the emergency hire is not authorized, the personnel department should make proper arrangements to ensure that an assistant director is hired. They can also employ someone on a temporary basis as they prepare to conduct an interview to hire a new assistant director. There are other options rather than an emergency hire. The personnel office can promote an employee to the position left vacant or ask the worker who has enough experience to temporarily step in and act as an assistant director (Webb & Norton, 2012).

Personnel administration or human resource management is a department that deals with anything pertaining to employees. It follows procedures and ethics when hiring new employees. It has a running budget that aids in hiring, training, paying, and evaluating employees. Performance in a company is enhanced by a personnel department.


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