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Free «Zidan» Essay Sample

Personality evaluation is a process that is meant to evaluate and reveal the aspects of an individual’s psychological makeup and his personal character. In evaluating Zinedine Zidan as the greatest midfielder of all time, one should consider his accomplishments,skills, and the mid field role which he played in teams which he featured for in his entire football career. Zidan was born June 23, 1972. He played in a position of attacking midfielder of the French national football team and international clubs such as Real Madrid and Juventus. He is considered to be one of the,most prominent footballers to have ever lived. To claim that he was the greatest cannot be a mistake, considering that he won great titles in the Spanish league and UEFA Champions League with Spanish giant’s Real Madrid. He also won the Serie A title with Juventus (Augustyn 46).

Zidan also won Intercontinental Cup and the UEFA Super Cup with both teams. At world football scale, Zinedine won various titles with the French national team including the FIFA World Cup in 1998. He was a member of the team that was a runner up in the 2006 World Cup tournament. He also won the Euro 2000 with the French national team. He was a unique individual who won major titles at both national and club level teams, not even mentioning his personal awards. During 2006 World Cup, he was awarded the FIFA Golden Ball, while at all national club league, he was awarded the prize of best player of the year.

Augustyn states that Zinedine was a great player, as he was imposing and powerful midfield command on the pitch. He was quite swift and was mostly described as having the feet of feathers (47). In 2006, he outdid the Brazilian national team with majestic command of the ball. He delivered a career defining show against Brazil, as he was playing at another level compared to the Brazilian team. He had a unique skill of playing as if on a slow motion mode, confusing the Brazilians with his with his full range of feints and tricks. For an individual of great mastery and skills, the football pitch was at his mercy. He had a great football personality, which only few can be credited with, and on such occasions as the 2006 World Cup, he had the ability to impose his will on football. Zidan was the master of midfield tricks and artistry. He was the French talisman, and this was proven during the 2006 World Cup, when the French team performed dismally almost being left the chance to continue competing in the tournament at group stage. Upon his introduction to the tournament, he changed the game of the French national team, making his reputation grow to greater heights.

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Zidan’s achievements of great heights in his career are of course unquestionable, but an argument can be risen questioning the claim that he is the greatest midfielder of all time. With young players, such as Andre Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez, emerging in the attacking midfield position, it becomes questionable if Zidan can retain the title of the greatest midfielder (Hickey 54). For example, if one compares Iniesta’s skills on the ball, his accurately completed passes, his relationship with other team members, and ability to call in game changing moments, Iniesta overshadows Zidan. Zidan was dismissed from the pitch on various occasions for not complying with sportmanship behavior. During the 2006 World Cup final match against Italy, Zidan famously butted Marco Marterazzi in the chest. Zidan is also said to have been involved in lack of harmony with his team mates during practice and in the field too. Iniesta, unlike Zidan, is said to have an understanding of his role in the field, his position in the team, and hoe to positively influence the game. He is said to have a footballing brain unlike any other. Iniesta has combined all aspects of a great midfielder from the accurate passes to ball dominance and possession.  Iniesta has surpassed Zidan with his abilities that are based on the fact he is just at his prime age. For a long time, he has been able to posses these attributes and perform consistently. Iniesta has won several titles at both club and international levels (Hickey 55). With Barcelona in 2009, he provided a spectacular show with his equalizer that helped his team beat Chelsea in their campaign for the Champions League silverware. Iniesta controls football matches with less effort and always provides the needed team support for his teammates. Iniesta is credited for his ability to pass long and short ball as well as dribble it with less effort. He has also a great ability to find space already with an idea what to do with it. His final ball delivery is marked with great accuracy, and he always passes the ball on the right time. His vision is unique in the history of football. He is one of the greatest and creative player makers. For example, in the 2009 Champions League final game against Manchester United, he performed expertly, providing Eto’o with the ball to net in the opening goal. His balletic dribbling skills left Manchester United defense rooted on the spot.

According to Hickey, Zidan outdoes the rest of the midfielders such as Iniesta in that he was able to perform excellently in different leagues and even the most difficult situations and still win awards as compared to Iniesta who only performs at the Spanish league. This will always make Iniesta be underrated. Zidan has been credited by several bodies and football professions, which undoubtedly makes him the greatest midfielder. Many professionals have testified to his skills being the all time great ones (Hickey 56). For example, Brazilian coach Carlos Arberto said that Zidan was a monster in the field due to his skills of playing football. When Brazil lost to France. Zidan was the wonder man of the game. Another professional, Marcello Lippi, labeled Zidan as the greatest talent that has ever been seen in the past 20 years or so. David Beckham also described him as the greatest player of all times. FIFA president Michael Platini says that Zinedine is one of the players who are full of skills. According to his view, Zidan is the key player of game change in a match. He has unquestionable abilities to control the game. His abilities have made him create a name for himself to an extent that the major companies in the world, such as Adidas, signed contracts with him. Apart from his mastery and game control in football, Zidan was very active concerning charitable activities. He was involved in several fundraising soccer matches, including the soccer aid charity event in June 6, 2010 and in 2007 in northern Thailand in a fundraising event that helped to raise the money for the building of two schools (Hickey 57).

In conclusion, Zidan is credited for being the best in the world, since he won several award for both his national team and clubs. He is also among the few players in the world to have won the title of the best world player three times consecutively. He was a real player maker with great goal vision and could also organize attacks as well as score in a great manner. Not only had he had great ball control but he was also an excellent free kick specialist. His accomplishments, personality, and role support the claim that he can be named the best midfielder in the world.


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