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Free «Nursing Informatics Competencies» Essay Sample

It is essential for nurses to be skilled in the use of technology tools that can improve their service. Technology can be used to aid better healthcare. There are key functional areas of nursing informatics that have been relevant to positions I have held.

In my capacity as a nurse, I have found out that nursing informatics helps in administration, leadership and management. It aids to develop a vision and establish direction for nursing projects. I found this relevant because it triggers the plans of action in the nursing profession. Nursing informatics helps nurses to have knowledge on data management and analysis. This is crucial for easy decision making in administration and management.

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Informatics is relevant in coordination, facilitation and, integration in the nursing profession. The nursing profession is highly interactive with other people. Informatics helps with effective communication and easy interaction process.

Another key functional area I have found relevant to my position is research and evaluation. Nurses need to understand current trends in health environment and new health issues in order to offer efficient healthcare service to patients. Informatics helps in research and analysis of nursing healthcare trends (American Nurses Association, 2008).

I have also found out various skills crucial for nurses. Basic computer competency is one of the TIGER competencies essential to nursing functions. It encompasses skills such as using the computer, managing files, word processing, using spreadsheets and databases,  web browsing and communication. One of the skills in which I need an improvement is dealing with spreadsheets and databases.

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Information literacy competency is also immensely beneficial for nurses. It includes skills such as identifying information needed for a certain purpose, location of the information, evaluating and applying it correctly. I need improvement in the skill of locating the needed information.

Information management competency includes skills which are essential for nursing such as user skills outlined in direct care component of the Health Level 7 Electronic Health Requirement System model, which includes all of the European Computer Driving License-Health User Skills of Navigation, Decision Support and Output Reports. I need improvement in Decision Support and Output Reports skills.

I have found these competencies necessary for nursing. They help in improving healthcare for patients, record management, simplify nursing roles, manage and analyze data to inform decision making. The ultimate importance of these competencies is to enable nurses to provide competent healthcare (Arnold, 1996).

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I plan to develop these competencies by enrolling in a faculty of nursing informatics competencies in order to learn and develop those skills. I also plan to use e-learning by revising nursing informatics materials in the internet.

I can access some of the resources within my organization such as the Internet from my computer. I can then log into e-learning sites such as the CS Placement and the Healthcare Information Managing Systems Society (HIMSS) which offer computer proficiency skills for nurses. I can also access the Library by visiting the facility, and learn on information literacy competency skills.

I configure that by developing nursing informatics competencies, I would increase my effectiveness as a nurse. These skills can impart me with computer proficiency skills for better management and administrative duties as a nurse. I can develop easy information gathering skills through having information literacy competencies for decision making. In addition, I can benefit from information management skills in areas such as better analysis, research and conceptualization of nursing issues. Therefore, I can increase my effectiveness as a nurse by acquiring informatics competencies (The TIGER Initiative, 2009).

In conclusion, the expectation of nurses is to provide safe, competent, compassionate and expertise care in an increasingly digital and technical environment. The evolving mandate of electronic information and complications in healthcare services makes it indispensable for nurses to acquaint themselves with technology.


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