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In season eleven, the Best Baked Apples recipe by America's Test Kitchen proves that the baked apples have free fats which tend to make an individual’s mouth watery. In addition, the aroma of these apples will be all over the house. I think that the recipe is quite easy to make and should therefore take a chef not too much time to prepare. I liked it because it does not restrict you in terms of the requirements. For example, if one does not have ovenproof skillet, he or she can use a 13 by 19 inch baking dish. It seems that the author had his targeted clients in mind since the baked apple can be served with a pork roast meal, almonds dried apricots or vanilla ice cream which most people like.

Baked Apples by America's Test Kitchen has few and easier steps that make it easy to follow. Seven apples are needed and only one is diced which makes work easier for any chef. My favorite part was the appearance because those apples looked amazing. If a given chef follows the instructions closely, he or she may be able to come up with a baked apple of the same appearance and taste. In my opinion, using hot mitts can be much safer than using towels that might me so dangerous and clumsy.

The author is successful in convincing the audience that his recipe is the best. This is considered to be the best one due to the very clear process and instructions. It is clear that the author of the recipe considered the financial status of all chefs. This comes clear when you look at the required ingredients which are not many. All the ingredients are also balanced; there are no ingredients that overweigh the other ingredients. In conclusion, instead of one buying baked Apples from bakery shops, I prefer that they use Best Baked Apples by America's Test Kitchen recipe to start cooking a more appealing to the eye, sweet and easy to make one.


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