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Rhode Island is one of the first colonial regions of Britain. This colony was unique in that the Native Americans were treated fairly. The colonial masters were not so harsh. The specific date of its commencement as a colony has remained disputed.

Colonial Rhodes Island

Roger Williams was the first British settler to occupy Rhodes Island. He arrived in 1636 after having been banished by the Massachusetts Bay colonial government. The Massachusetts officers disagreed with Rogers because of his religious views. The Rhodes Island colony was located in a capital called Providence. This name was given by Roger Williams in 1636. This region was initially known as the Block Island. This means that only one part of the original name changed. Edmund Andros was appointed the first governor by the Dominion of New England. This took place in 1686. Governor Samuel Ward King was in charge of this region when Thomas Dorr drafted the constitution (Lovejoy 22). Samuel Ward opposed this new constitution.

The great King Philip’s war is one of the major events that ever took place in the Rhodes Island. King Philip was a native leader who launched an assault against the colonial settlers. This was the first ever war that took place between the Native Americans of Indian decent and the visitors from England.  Rhode Island became a state on the May 29th 1790 (Lovejoy 34). The first 3 governors of the state were Arthur Fenner, Henry Smith and Isaac Wilbour. The first three governors were from the Country Party. The present Governor is Lincoln Chafee. The representatives of the state include Raymond Hull, Scott Slater and Edith Ajello among the rest.


Rhodes Island was the first colony to declare independence in 1774. The actual independence was however realized in 1790. Today, this region is among the best developed states in America. It carries a lot of American History. 


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