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Advertising for the products has been intensified in this present age. Various methods are used to attract consumer audience. This has broadened the prospects of presentation on facts about the product on the advertisement scale. Objectification and sexualization of women has changed broadly because women have been solely used as the steering momentum for pushing on the sale of the products in the market whether it is new or it is an old product. The identity is presented through this type of advertising process influence by race, gender and ethnicity. The face of advertising has been changed drastically through such advertisements which have penetrated the media through the television shows, internet and newspaper advertisements. Many advertisements contain gender stereotypes regarding social perception drawn from the presented images and pictures (Marx 332). This is actually due to the feminism influence at large.

The cultural changes have also contributed in the current image of advertisements. It is through the culture of the people that have actually influenced the nature and presentation of advertising procedures. The culture change through influence of modern society has impacted greatly on the nature of the advertisements done in the world. This has contributed to the present of both male and the female celebrities in all types of the media used in the advertisement process. Introduction of the male bodies and faces have just added to the concept of luring the audience especially the female sex so that the advertising firms are able to attract the whole society by reflecting it as very tolerant to the unique happenings. This has taken the process to another level at large whereby the advertisers project not to be biased in terms of gender presentations.

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Involving men in the explicit advertisements through their objectification is not equally a better step forward but just reflecting on the cultural trends and changes that are experienced in the global world (Douglas 15). People believing on feminism are impacted more negatively than the traditionalists’ believers. However, certain adverts may impact negatively based on the individual take on the desired body size. This has been the case in the exposure of adverts based on the men’s bodies reflecting or relating certain products with such kind of personality.

New grounds of advertising are being exploited through introduction of race and other sexual orientation aspects. These are very unique grounds that help in the support of the process effectively (Hooks 345). The perception of the society on the race and the sexual orientation is just a matter of exploration but not being embraced by many people. However, the uniqueness in the process helps in attracting the attention of the audience whenever such presentation is made in the media. Relation of some product with a particular race could be more productive in a way that it can influence the general output through attracting the market as the purpose of advertising process (Douglas 12). This kind of advertising approach greatly depicts culture in the society as it directly influences some racial community in the whole population.

On gender issues, the acceptance of same sex relationships has not altered the gender effect on the process of advertising. However, each sex is having independent influence without any tie on the nature of the relationships that the society is experiencing. However, there is male gaze in the advertisements presented by women. What comes into the mind when invoked with such images, “the woman in the advertisements becomes the product being bought and sold” (Kilbourne 53). Just like a patent drug, advertising may lead into influencing different aspects which were not intended by the advertisers. It usually sells more than a specific product but leads into selling indirectly some unseen products. The message is very clear here because the male gauze helps in the increased sale of particular products through relating the products with the presented advertised image. This proves to be advantageous to the advertiser even though it might not be intentional.

In the contemporary society, race and ethnicity are some of the ways of reflecting our identity. Through advertising, there is effective shape up of the identity which is reflected in the media. The collective identity is also presented through race, ethnicity, gender and even other social makers. Advertising images to some extent have shown how a particular group has differed with one another and this shows the ethnicity or the effect of racism shaping up the identity. The evaluation of the sexuality in the advertising sector has been made more complex through introduction identity shape up factors namely the race and the ethnicity. The greater advertisement diversity reflects advances in cultural understanding in a more broad way. This does not help in the reinforcement of any kind of stereotype.

In conclusion, people have got varying attitude about the concept of advertisement and how these affect the human perception. The identity is very much presented through advertisements that are influencing through gender, sex and ethnicity. The advertisement is a way of making influence to the population in order to change the view or take on any products. This is through giving specific interrelation of the products through different image perceptions.


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