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Free «Works of Alvar Aalto» Essay Sample

The works of alvar Aalto was considered a modern work of architecture which exhibited a unique balance that reflected all the elements of design work.  The design had specific features which were crafted to show the high quality with a lot of innovative dimensions. In addition, the innovation was considered to be incorporating the traditionalist styles with a given cultural heritage and the physical environment. This was the real evolutional way of doing the architectural works that could bring a lot of changes to the design world by 1940s.

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The design was very much of high cultural value that reflected the tradition of architecture with the reflection of styles depicting the environmental features and the way of life at the time. This kind of architecture was a manifestation of understanding the psychological needs and quality that the modern society longed for. For instance, it received the world attention as early as 1935 through the design of Paimio Sanatorium and the library of Viipuri(Schildt, 1998). In addition, the designs earned a lot of reputation for instance popularity of the designs explored through the design of pavilion finishing in the New York World’s Fair exhibitions. This was a true reflection of evolution in the design world (Schildt, 1998). This kind of design reflected a genius work that was of superior quality and effective technology which integrates the societal cultural heritage.

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The evolutionary steps were achieved when the international reputation of the work was sealed generally through the inclusion in Second edition of signified Gideon’s book of influence on the modernized architecture. This was a milestone move that had a positive influence for the designed work and through making it more superior with a true reflection of the required tradition in the work. This was combining all the features that further included quality space, time and the general growth of new tradition of architectural work. The beautification of the work was of the essence and this was applied most appropriately in the design work.

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The design work of Alvar Aalto was even more effective and revolutionized in 1949 when the works received major world attention in the architectural work (Alvar, 2012). This was the modernist architecture that could go with the required features reflecting on the direct functionality of the design work which includes the mood, life intensity, atmosphere and the national characteristics which shows the national look almost in all the places. The characteristics were majorly incorporated in the house designs and other building designs which were decent in nature. This was the real tradition of the architecture as been stated in the initial statement of discussion.

The design of luxury homes with kidney shaped seeming pools was major ways of ensuring this modern work. The house design synthesizes several stylistic influences which includes both traditional to modern finishes that the population could like. In addition, the design of the buildings was majorly based on the certain basic factors that were reflecting on the work. This was shown in the design of Baker House which was completed in 1948 and was able to signify the Ivy League University tradition (Alvar, 2012).This architectural work was able to show that the design work of this nature was actually very effective in reflecting the true nature of finishes which were equally evolving in nature. In addition, the use of Aalto’s legendry, glassware which included the world famous Aalto vase was very helpful in the whole design work. This actually reflected the true nature of the work that could be considered to be a development of architecture with good tradition.


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