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Basic Information

Location and Contact Address

The facility I visited is the National Gallery of Art. The museum is located in Washington D.C.  Specifically, it is along the Constitution Avenue NW, between the 3rd and the 7th street. The facility is located on the National Mall, in the East and West buildings. The buildings are adjacent to each other and connected by a tunnel on the 4th street.

Background Information

National Gallery of Art was opened in 1941. After a congress resolution in 1937, the government passed the bill for the gallery. There was an idea for the U.S to learn and appreciate the works of art. The first collection was donated by Andrew W. Melon, a banker and an industrialist. The collection consisted of 141 European pieces of work.

The Environment

The museum is surrounded by many hotels. Among them are Holiday Inn Washington-Capitol and Courtyard Washington Convention. The main attractions are U.S Navy Memorial, National Mall and Smithsonian Castle.

General Content

The National Gallery of Art contains art works mainly from European and American countries. The collections include paintings, photographs, sculptures, decorative works, and works on paper. There are paintings from Italy, America, Spain and Britain. Decorative works include ceramics, furniture and tapestries. Architecture includes the Sculpture Garden, West and East buildings.

Object Selection

The object I selected is the Railway by Edouard Manet. All the necessary information, including name of the artist, year of work completion, type, dimension and location is provided. There are also didactic materials for explanation.

Significant Displays

Steel Sculpture by Tony Smith and Aurora by Mark DI Suvero are outstanding images. The West and the East Buildings are also significant art works. The portrait of the Washington family takes its honorable place in the gallery. It displays the picture of the first American President, George Washington. The portrait is very important especially in the political history of the country.

The Website

The National Gallery of Art has an up-to-date website that provides all the needed information on the facility, including location and contact information. Information on the collection in the gallery, pictures of the various art work and the hours of operation are also provided. The site also provides background information of the museum. All the information provided in the website is reliable without a doubt. Therefore, it should be noticed that the website is a very helpful tool.

Overall Experience

A deliberate pre-visit plan is very helpful. It gives one the required information of the facility, including its geographic location. It also helps to be objective during the visit. I am looking forward to visit the National Gallery of Art in the near future.

Part Two: Object Analysis

The Railway was created in 1873. It depicts one clear morning by the rail tracks in Paris.

A lady in a blue dress and a brown hat is sitting. She has a puppy and a book on her laps. The lady is looking into a distance. A girl in a white dress is standing near the lady. Her back is turned. There is a metal grille that divides background from foreground.

Work Analysis

The metal bars are used for the background instead of a natural landscape. Apartments of the urban set-up are put far in the background. Steam is the only evidence of the train. The railings pass through the scene as the railway line which passes through the city.


The girl is looking in the depth of the picture, while the woman looks into the distance. Probably, the girl is looking on the passing train. The picture presents no special story; there is no clear relationship between its images. The artist gives a lot of hints and signs but no direct meaning of the picture, so the viewers can use their imagination.


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