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As an energy lobbyist in Washington, I would consider use of nuclear energy as a positive move that must be supported by the congressional representatives and the senators. Expanding use of nuclear energy is necessary since this will have more advantages to the nation and the families at large and the continuation of its use would be very important. The benefits of nuclear energy cannot be achieved when any other form of energy is used.

The Congress should support the expansion program because the features associated with nuclear energy benefits are very many. The law makers should understand that these features will be strengthened when in full application by the federal government. Just to name some of them, nuclear energy will enhance the sufficient power source. The capacity of power produced from nuclear energy will enable efficiency at low cost. It is only the cost of construction of the nuclear plant that may be expensive but this will be incurred by the state (Bodansky 34).The results will be low cost charges per unit of electricity used in each household. It will be less expensive at the long run.

There is no environmental problems and pollution as in the case of fossil fuels. The congressmen and the senators should recognize that risks of global warming due to the use of gas, oil and coal will be eliminated effectively. This will stabilize the world climate through prevention of acid rains, air pollution and other forest destruction features.  Using nuclear energy helps in preventing oil spills (Bodansky 57). The congress should know that prevention is better than cure. When nuclear energy is used, transportation of oil which may result into accidents will be eliminated.  Nuclear power can be supplied effectively over decades without being exhausted as opposed to other forms of energy such as fuel. Nuclear energy eliminates uncertainty on how long the fuel will last beyond 100 years.

Use of nuclear energy should be embraced because it will enhance development in the world economy through accessing cheap power source. It is also through this that we have climate-friendly energy source with no pollution cases. As one of the measures to be used in addressing the climate change, nuclear energy will definitely facilitate the process of saving the global environment (Suppes, & Storvick 42). The nuclear energy is superior to other forms of energy because it enhances maximum production of cheap energy which is reliable and efficient. In addition, nuclear energy is able to mitigate drastic climate change and this is very crucial in the world growth.


From the social perspective, nuclear energy is crucial in facilitating growth in the social setting through developments in socio-economic factors. Air pollution resulting from burning of fuel will not be the case hence less disease may be experienced by the people.  The debate on the nuclear power generation is a healthy debate because it helps the congress to identify more relevant facts related to the nuclear power generations and implement positive ideas and policies that enhances efficient energy production.

Politically, the development of energy policies will be effected and the government will be able to process laws that enhance the capacity and efficiency in energy production. Many countries have reacted differently because they have different energy policies that guide the nuclear production process. For instance, in France the nuclear energy of constitutes 80 % of the total energy used. They have positive view towards nuclear energy production and this is based on their scientific and safety measures that each state has implemented. Each country has unique energy policies that may facilitate energy production from described sources.  Finally, there are international political reasons that various organizations and movements have embraced that would enhance production of efficient energy which do not have any environmental impact globally.


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