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Most societies only consider human beings as the only living organisms who deserve moral considerations. Humans are thought as the only beings that can make rational thoughts and should therefore control all other creatures in any manner deemed good to them. Animals are usually perceived as mere objects that should only be used to offer substantial assistance to humans and provide foodstuffs such as milk and meat. However, animals should be given a similar moral status as humans despite their physical and intellectual differences (Warren, 1997). Firstly, most animals are normally seen to manifest moral conscience by how they give birth and take care of their offspring. Some animals such as the elephant live in some seemingly extended families and usually take care of their young ones until they mature just like humans.

Secondly, animals suffer similar agony like humans whenever they are subjected to various painful afflictions, which may include hard work and slaughter. The methods used to slaughter animals are particularly brutal to the animals we eat (Singer & Mason, 2006). Contrary to human argument about intelligence, it is evident that animals usually have some rationale of certain capacities since it is never possible to have them go to areas where they witness their colleagues get killed. Humans should respect animal rights and give them equal moral considerations for the reason that they usually suffer the same agony as human beings any time they are mistreated (Regan, 1985). If animals were not feeling things unworthy of moral consideration, they would not be seen to struggle and scream in pain when they are being killed.

Finally, animals possess a great deal of moral sensitivity just like humans. This is why some animals are usually used by people as pets and others used for security purposes. Dogs that are kept by families only attack strangers and not the members of the families that keep them. Moreover, such dogs are usually trained and used for security investigations. The animals have the capacity to carry out the moral duties assigned to them by people. Were such animals not morally considerate, they would not follow the instructions they are normally assigned. Therefore, they should be given the same moral status as humans. The three reasons discussed above suffice to give animals the same moral status like humans.


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