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America is a country that has different cultures and different means of transports preferred by its citizens. Culture is the accumulative deposit of knowledge, beliefs, traditions, attitudes, values, religions hierarchies, attitudes, and roles, notions of time and spatial relations of the people of that country. Culture may also include the concept of the universe according to the people in that society. It also includes material objects, and possessions that are transferred from one generation to the other through inheritance. Therefore, culture is a system of knowledge transferred by a relatively big group of people to another group. In addition, culture is a style of living for a particular people. It looks deep into the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols, which are universally, accepted and which may be passed over from one generation to the other through communication or imitation (Richter, 2011). American culture is influenced by a variety of factors among them race, education, science and technology and transportation network. This article is a detailed outlook at the ways in which transportation in America has influenced American culture.

Transportation in the United States is highly smoothed by availability of rail, air, water, pipelines, and road networks. The most common means of transport in America is the road network. Most people in America travel by road network in short distances, while Americans prefer air or rail transport for longer distances. However, a few people prefer to use water mean of transport for leisure activities such as hiking, fishing, and transportation of heavy cargo across continents. Availability of this means of transport have helped shape the way the Americans live, and work as well as providing a livelihood for them. For instance, road network are the most used forms of transport in America. Majority of Americans, for a variety of reasons, prefer road transport since they are more flexible to use than other means of transport. This means that roads can be used to reach areas where other means of transportation such as rail transportation cannot be used. Moreover, road transportation is used to transport small amounts of cargo as compared to railway transport. Availability of road network has influenced the culture of the Americans. For instance, road transport has influenced the way the Americans conduct their businesses. Some Americans have formed businesses out of road transport. Such businesses include transport for passengers and cargo from one area to another (Smith, 2011). Intercity bus, such as the greyhound lines, is one of the largest intercity bus networks in America. The greyhound lines are used to transport people from one city to another. However, the minority uses public means of transport in America as many refer private means of transport. Public transport in America takes the form of taxis as known as cabs, busses, and trains. Therefore, road transport has helped influence American business culture as well as providing a solution to public transport users. In addition, transportation in America is an important contributor the country's economy. Because of its efficiency, transportation provides businesses with access to materials as well as markets. It has also helped shape the American culture by providing access to services, goods, jobs, and recreation.

Pipelines are another means of transport that have been in high use in America. Pipelines have been used to transport liquid commodities such as petroleum product to different destinations. This is a preferred means of transport for these forms of product since they give people the safeness required from perils that would occur. Pipelines have influenced American culture in the way Americans do their businesses. For instance, some Americans have embraced businesses that deal with commodities that are transported through pipelines such as oil products that are sold in gasoline stations (Harper, 2007).

According to Altschiller (2007), air transport is a popular means of transport in America. It has influenced American culture mostly through the way Americans conduct their businesses. This happens by providing a link between different destinations where the Americans conduct their businesses. Moreover, air transport is a means of livelihood for different people such as the owners of the airplanes as well as their pilots. Moreover, it has facilitated the change in popular culture in America by providing a means of transportation for change in American perspectives, ideologies, attitudes, memes, and images of other people. For instance, air transport has facilitated the greatest change in popular culture by facilitating transportation of Europeans who have largely shaped the country's economy.

According to Harper (2007), transportation through airplanes, ships, and vehicles have also influenced American culture in religion. Most Americans rely on private means of transport to travel to different parts of the country. In America, most people use their private vehicles such as cars to attend church services, which are located to various places in their neighborhoods. This is mostly done by road transport network since other forms of transport such as railways, air, and water transport are inflexible, and limited in their distance of coverage. Moreover, transportation has also provided a solution to different religions that seeks to spread their beliefs to different people. For instance, Christians missionaries uses various means of transport such as roads, railways, ships and air transport network to preach the gospel to other people.

Transportation has also played an important role in influencing the education sector in America. This occurs in that different students will use different means of transport to gain access to education as well as education facilities. For instance, different students in America access their schools from using different transport systems such as roads, railways, water transport, and air transport. Students from long distances uses speed trains, while others from abroad uses airplanes and ships to get access to their different schools. Moreover, teachers in the different schools use different means of transport to reach their schools. Transportation network has also become an important subject of study in different engineering schools. This is because they tend to find a solution to the different means of transport as well as offer alternatives to solve congestion on roads (Altschiller, 2007).

National Atlas (2011) notes that gender roles in America have also been influenced by transportation such as such as airplanes, ships, railways, pipelines, and vehicles. For instance, according to National Atlas (2011), most commercial drivers, pilots, and captains in America are men than women. This extends to other transportation networks such as trains, ships, and airplanes. However, many women have also embraced providing transport services to people to earning of earning their livelihoods in different means of transport.


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