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The Red Power Movement was an association of political movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s, which can be attributed to Vine Deloria. The Red Power Movement worked towards a common course of expressing the increasing concern for the recognition of the pan-Indians amidst the American Indians between 1968 and 1974. The term is used to express the highly visible succession, of the aggressive Native American protest movements. The Red Power Movement had aims to reclaim their American Indian identity and reclaim their political power, social power, and economic power over their people’s lives. The Red Power Movement can be attributed to prolonged periods of political and cultural repression on the American Indians, where there were contained in reservations, and in urban environments. Charismatic leaders, who were brought together by prolonged conscious building on previous resistance and social movements, characterized the Red Power Movement. The Red Power Movement expressed great concern, largely on the course of property appropriation by the American Indians, the proclamation of a pan-Indian identity, and an outline of individual-purpose for Indian people and communities.

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The Red Power Movement also led to the creation of nationwide futuristic organizations, for instance, the American Indian Movement (AIM) and the Society of American Indians (SMI), which were made up of well-sophisticated Indian professionals. This group favored assimilation as a solution to the poverty and wretchedness of reservation life. The participants in the group achieved the goals that they worked to achieve. For instance, they helped to completely change the government policy regarding the Native Americans. This happened in that, prior to the movement, the government worked to bring down the Indian tribes, but after the movement, the government gave the tribes the much-needed autonomy than they formerly had. Secondly, the Red Power Movement achieved its objective by instilling a greater amount of immodesty and solidarity among the Indian community in American by trying to bring back their ancient culture. The American Indian Movement (AIM) is still needed to oversee the implementation of the agreement given by the government with the creation of the National Congress of American Indians, and ensure that the rights of the Indians are respected.


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