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Free «Declining Influence of the Nation-State in the Postwar Period» Essay Sample

"Making of the West" is a book that addresses three main challenges that teachers of western civilization face in the nation-state during the post war period. In the book, the authors identified a nation-state as a state that self identifies as borrowing its political validity from serving as an independent state and an independent territorial entity. A nation-state has several factors found in a state and a nation. The state, as described in the book, is a political and geopolitical unit, while the nation is an ethnic and cultural unit. The book, therefore, considers the nation-state as composed of all the factors that define a state and a nation. Therefore, that state and the nation coincide geographically. The formation of a nation-state took place in different times in various parts of the world to emerge as a dominant form of entity in the world. However, its influence hugely declined in the postwar period. The postwar period is a period that immediately faces the ending of a war, which lasts as long as another war does not emerge. The influence of a nation-state has declined in the post war period due to influence on demonstrating how the west has been an evolving entity that is shaped by global influence. Global influences, also known as globalization, are the different ideologies that are used by different sovereign nations. Some of these ideologies include democracy, communism, and socialism. The west has adopted the ideology of democracy that gives people their rights and freedoms and implements the opinion of the majority while taking into consideration the wish of the minority to avoid extension. Moreover, the declining influence of the nation-state in the postwar period has been influenced by passing on the dynamic relations of political, social, cultural, and economic history in influencing events over time. Political, social, and cultural events has been conveyed from one generation to the other over a long period thus making it hard for nations that had not adopted the nation-state ideology to adopt it. In addition, the declining influence of the nation-state in the postwar period has been influenced by enlightening the young generation on the historical roots of developments in the modern world. Consequently, the young generation has shaped the nation-state by implementing new ideologies that best suits the nation, through civilization, thus altering the initial meaning of the nation-state. The book takes into consideration key events, persons, and themes of a specific time that has influenced the formation of the nation-state in the post war period (Hunt, Rosenwein, and Martin 10).


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