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Free «Tea-Party Movement» Essay Sample

A close analysis of the American Political scene is discussed in this paper. In this way, there is a vibrant and conservative alliance within its organization in the whole nation. The Republican Party rose as a result of the Tea-Party alliance in the 20th century (Hannan). The presence of a think tank made it so popular that people could hardly imagine living without it. There has been an absolute turn of events since only a short time had passed since the intellectual sphere was in the recent past dominated by the Left. There are three main principles that are closely analyzed by the Tea-Party movement. These are ensuring an increase in the fiscal policies, free markets promotion and enhancing the constitution in such a way that it limits the government in its undertakings.

The main inspiration of the Tea-Party movement was the Boston Tea-Party. The Boston Tea Party rose as a result of the objection of tea tax imposed by the British in 1773, (Barbara). The Tea-Party coalition formed however did not have any ideology despite the fact that they had very admirable policies, beliefs as well as instincts. Around 1950’s, its think tanks worked towards filling the administration essentially when the office was taken by the Republicans. The popularity of conservative think tanks has made each state belonging to the union ensure they have at least one bearing in mind that they have national influence as that held by Washington titans. The free-market think tank found in the occurrence of a legislature facilitates the application of such doctrines as Rothbard and Hayek to the local conditions.



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In the first half of the 20th century, the belief that both the progressive and intellect politics were similar spread significantly. This kept conservatism in a rather awkward situation where it was regarded to as an amalgam of instincts but not an ideology as believed, (Lepore). The philosophy given to the Right was made to be in a very literal sense, a diehard movement which signifies another person’s doctrine but not a doctrine standing firmly in its own right, (Adams). Most of the left consider conservative intellectuals as a bunch of traitors although such a view strikes no chord when it comes to the electorate but rather works towards making the advocates give the impression of being remote and self righteous, (Brooks).

There was a great need for the Republicans to succeed in both the air war and the ground war. This was made possible through the tireless efforts of the think tanks that fought in the air and the conservatives who took on the ground war. The support from organizations committed ideologically to kindred causes is the key driving forces that greatly contributed to the success of the Republican. Foot soldiers were provided by the organizations supporting the Republican and thus an added advantage since agendas could be advanced easily without any experience of self interest as in politicians.

The Tea- Party coalition holds the most recent manifestation on the tradition of conservatives who are unaffiliated, skepticism toward political parities despite being political and focused individuals who happen to be angry, (Crain). These parties are occasionally described as being synthetic, artificially held crowds and having a fabricated fury.

One of the three principles of the tea-party movement is related to the constitution and has been recognized by its founders since time in memorial. This principle has its main stands that the role of any American president is to ensure the increase of accountability and a significant reduction in spending. They expect their economy to thrive under any financial circumstance in the world, (Laurie). Tea party coalition generally opposes extensive government spending although it does not tolerate insufficient investment when it comes to the big four areas of government spending that is, Medicaid, Medicare, social security and defense. The Tea Partiers generally do not support excessive taxation and excessive spending of government money as if not keeping tomorrow into consideration. They aim at the U.S.A gaining the capability of being the world best economy and providing the most appropriate economical grounds for the posterity.

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This movement works towards ensuring that the United States constitution guides its people in fairness. They believe in the preservation of justice and liberty among the people as set by its founders, (Burgan). The people should use the constitution to restrain the government ruling them, but not let the constitution be used by the government as an instrument to restrain them.

The third principle of Tea Party coalition is being fiscally conservative and basically favors a reduced spending of the government and in taxes, (Crain). It works towards doing away with the national debt and deficits of the budget. The Tea Party movement aims at decreasing the government’s intervention in the affairs of American citizens just as provide for by the constitution.

The objectives of the Tea-Party movement are ensuring that the governments undertaking in every aspect favors its citizens. It ensures that the citizen’s well being is efficiently catered for and that the resources of the United States of America are well utilized and government spending is minimized. It works towards ensuring that the people are given adequate services for taxes paid. It is very essential as it gives the Americans the mandate of controlling the government’s affairs.


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