Free «Socialization and the Power of Advertising» Essay Sample

Advertising is termed as our cultural environment because it has become part of people’s day to day activities. Commercial advertisements are aired each time we switch on the television, it tells the viewer that they have to buy whatever that is being advertised. The advertisers assume that their main idea is to make the message pass to you in the most appealing way. In most trucks, walls, magazines, newspaper articles, magazines and billboards, you can’t fail to see an advertising item. This is why the writer says we are in the advertising age. It has become our environment all over the place because in the world the youths are thought to be very much the same and their characters are not I any way influenced by advertising, nut on individual characters.

Advertising sells a great deal more than the product themselves in various aspects because the marketers spend a great deal to transform viewers to potential customers. This is done especially on that website, television programs, newspapers and international games viewed by children. The main idea is to create awareness these fresh minds that a certain product exists so that when they come of age they will be the potential customers of the product at that time.

Advertising often sells a great deal more than products. It sells values, images, and concepts of love and sexuality, romance, success, and perhaps most important, normalcy. Among all the items we buy, it’s not amazing to find that about half of it is composed of adverts. The videos we buy, the live games we watch on daily basis they contain quit a lot of advertisements. Because most of the targeted audience of is the teenage youth, the advertising companies have to select the themes that are most appealing to their target audience. Success, romance, love and sexuality are attributes the youth overwhelm tom a great extent and good adverts must have them to be most appealing.

The writers suggestion about the relationship between advertising is that advertising does not in any way affect the characters of anyone. This is more often to the adverts related to alcohol and cigarettes, she argues that it’s the peer pressure that influence behavior. Reference group socialization like the online chats and other social networking sites can be a good avenue where youths help shape the character of their fellow youth.


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