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The introduction of modernization in the Third World countries by colonialism; through colonization, the undeveloped countries were developed. For example they benefited from the construction of infrastructures such as railway lines and roads. Colonization introduced theoretically Christian theology which promoted the need of equality for all and education (Cesaire, 2001). Colonizers introduced Christianity which brought about unity and discouraged fighting. In addition the colonizers did introduce education to the underdeveloped county citizens hence helping them with the fight against illiteracy and advancing the need of creating elites. Colonizer did advance humanity which curbed the sexism and violence against women and their treatment. According to Cesaire, (2001), Colonialism introduced Mercantilism; a phenomenon that did outline that the development of a colony was dependant on the supply of capital and the global trading by volume would remain unchanged. Due to the phenomenon, the imperialist imposing states did realize the benefits of cost defense from both the domestic descent and the peripheral competing firms.

The disadvantages of colonialism to the underdeveloped nations included;

According to Cesaire, A. (2001), colonialism led to the exploitation of the natural resources of colonies; they worked hard to fully utilize the natural resources of their colonies to benefit their nations. Secondly, it led to the complete loss of cultures and the loss of the governmental and communal land. In addition, colonialism led to the lack of respect for the conventions and they instead made obligatory religious perspectives that they had introduced. The colonizers killed the countries national expertise on development. They did this by the regard of native people as savages and with lack of worth. They thus lacked respect to the national experts on development which had negative impacts on growth of the undeveloped nations. Colonialism introduced risks of diseases that did not exist before. This did suppress the ability to develop the colonized states.


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