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The need for security service and the rising problem in disaster management and rescue missions have prompted the realization of aid units like the National Guard unit. Although initially the National Guard it comprised of civilians a lone, retired military services men forms a large of preference. Moreover, people who are in the law or medicine profession tend to get consideration when it comes to recruitment into National Guard. The remarkable versatility of the National Guard provides a favorable environment for its troops to respond swiftly to domestic emergencies, reconstruction mission, counter-drug effort and more-all with equal efficiency, strength and speed.  The primary area of operation of a National Guard mission of any member will be his home area. National Guard provides a unique opportunity to citizens who want to pursue their personal goals in the event of offering duties to the society. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the National Guard-Today’s mission in the American society. The paper looks at an in-depth over-view of the role of National Guard and exploring the various components and practices carried out in force during its fulfillment of mission, objectives and goals. Opposing viewpoints will precipitate, to bring to the fore the perceptions held in the society as far as National Guard goes about its duty, at its eminent role in national security and organizing rescue missions.

National Guard

The National Guard responds to combat missions, domestic emergencies, anti-drug procedures, reconstruction efforts and other missions on the home soils. The National Guard has branches allover the United Sates of America and in every state. 


History of National Guard

The National Guard has earned the recognition as the oldest constituent of the United States Armed Forces, and one among enduring institutions that have been around for the longest time. By December 2006, National Guard had been existence for 370 years. The history of the National Guard can be traced since the earliest North America English colonies. Colonists were responsible for their own defense and had to organize their able-bodied citizens into militias. Colonial militias protected their fellow citizens from attacks by the Indians, foreign incursions, and later assisted in winning revolutionary war.  After independence, the constitution authors gave powers to congress to “provide for arming, disciplining and organizing the militia. Nevertheless, recognizing the state role of the militia, founding fathers reserved the training and appointment of militia to states. Presently, the National Guard still remains a dual state-federal force.

The size of the regular army was small throughout the 19th century; consequently the militia provided the needed troops during the Mexican War (Davis, 1991).  

Structure of the National Guard

The rank structure of National Guard includes enlisted, warrant officer ranks, company grade officer, field grade officer ranks, and general officer ranks. These ranks have different roles that they play in National Guard.

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Recruitment to National Guard

Like all United States military branches, the National Guard possesses stringent qualifications for all applicants. Applicant for National Guard must be citizens of the United States or legal permanent residents between the ages of 17 and 42 years. Age exceptions state the basis of specific professional skills or prior military service, such as experience in medicine or law. Major Law violation is a straight disqualification; a waiver can be offered if a reasonable time has passed after the happening of the act of violation. National Guard does not accept applicants who have been the conviction for a felony.

Guard members training

If one is not able to ship to Basic Training within 30 days, he qualifies to enroll into the recruit sustainable program. Recruit sustainable program will introduce one to military life and keep one on track, emotionally, physically, and mentally while preparing for Basic combating Training and ones career in the National Guard (Colby, 2006).  

Retirement from National Guard

Retirement in National Guard cannot be contemplated for many years. The Guard is able continue paying for services every month after someone finishes serving. This is besides any benefit coming from the civilian career. One can enjoy both the civilian career and the military, voluntary career.

Benefit of National Guard

Educational benefits are remarkably available in the National Guard. On top of federal education benefits, all states offer additional educational benefits for National Guard members. Programs are funding operation and management follows the laws of individual state, and not the federal government.

National Guard Youth Challenge Program

The objective of National Guard Youth Challenge Program is to improve life skills, education, and potential for employment of high school dropouts in America. This accomplishment is by the provision of quasi military based training, work experience supervision, and advancement of the core components of the program. This is an authorized pilot program in the FY93 NDAA and provides 10 programs. It operates under the authority and oversight of the Assistant secretary for defense.

Role of security reserves

The United States faces now challenges, threats, and opportunities that are more complex, more far-reaching, and more interconnected than before. They are more rapidly and present themselves in overlapping spheres than are wider than before, such as in the convergence of defense, development, public engagement and intelligence together with greater need for balance between hard and soft inflection of power. Subsequently, the scope of national security stretches well beyond its traditional understanding. The use of civilians in National Guard encourages the strengthening the provision of security.   

Role of National Guard to national security

Army National Guard

Army National Guard is a single branch of the whole United States consisting of reserve, guard and active components. The Army National Guard consists of reservists who are civilians who serve their country on a part time basis. Each territory and state has its own Army National Guard as defined in the provisions of the United States constitution. The army National Guard has evolved from the cold war high water marks of 27 divisions in the year 1963, and four hundred and fifty seven thousand in the year 1980, to a force of three hundred sixty seven thousand at the elapse of 1997.  It has an evolving force structure as a portion of the 1993 off-site, and Army National Guard Division study of redesigning as the outcome of the commission on roles and missions.

Air force National Guard

If one is a member of Air force National Security, he serves for a single weekend in a month and a fortnight in a year. One faces entitlement to possible activation by the president or the governor in disaster time. In order for one to join Air force National Guard, he must have attained the age of seventeen and above, and he is a legal alien or a citizen, one goes to a local base for on-job training after enrollment. Working for National Guard in most circumstances does not provide for primary income for most people and they may have other means of getting income. 

National Guard Combat missions

The role of National Guard is conspicuous and significant during combat missions. National Guard helps to fix problems they spill over to the other army armed forces units.

Challenges to National Guard

The National Guard faces more challenges following the increases security demand and the challenge of high speed life. Emergence cases have been on the increase, and terrorism attacks have become a reality in every American life following the events of September 11 and their aftermath.


This research paper provides an in-depth understanding of the National Guard, with specific consideration to its role to the federal government. The various opposing view points by researchers on Nation Guard come out glaringly.


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